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Synthetic Urine: How the Use of False Urine in Drug Tests Increases

Synthetic Urine: How the Use of False Urine in Drug Tests Increases

A lot of people have a problem with drug tests, but you can actually get around them by using some Human Fake pee. That’s right; not only can you pass a urine test without being caught (for at least the next week), but you can also use it to avoid being fired from your job or having your license revoked. But how do you use this stuff? What exactly is synthetic urine? And will it work on a drug test? Let’s find out. 

In order to mimic the properties of urine, fake urine is made of chemicals, including creatinine, yellow coloring, and occasionally uric acid. For testing the effect of urine on products like diapers, mattresses, cleaning agents, or medical devices, fake urine has traditionally been used.

There are many types of synthetic urine kits available for purchase online and in stores. Most of these products contain what seem like simple ingredients – cornstarch, sugar, salt, water, and some kind of dye. The instructions tell you to mix the ingredients together and then add a bit of water. Then you need to wait several hours before drinking the liquid. It’s that easy!

The problem with these products is that they all sound too good to be true. After using one of these products, you may feel better than if you’d had a few beers. You’ll probably think that you’ve been cured of your addiction and will want to try even more extreme measures to avoid getting caught again. Before you go there though, let’s take a look at the science behind this product. 

Synthetic urine is made up of several different substances, including dextrose, urea, ammonium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, potassium phosphate, and potassium chloride. These ingredients all work together to make the concoction mimic the urine of someone who has consumed alcohol or drugs. When combined, they form an alkaline solution which neutralizes the acidity present in the pee produced by alcohol or illicit drugs. This neutralization makes it possible for the test taker to pass a drug test with a false-negative result. 

In addition, synthetic urine contains a dye called “trimethyl blue” which is used as a coloring agent. This dye reacts with the pH level of the urine sample, making it appear darker than normal. If the urine sample is tested immediately after mixing, the color will begin to fade as soon as the sample reaches room temperature. However, once the sample is stored properly, the color won’t fade over time and the person taking the test will end up with a negative result. 

Unfortunately, there are other things which can affect the outcome of a drug test. For example, if the person taking the test has eaten a meal containing high amounts of protein, caffeine, or both, he or she could end up testing positive for those substances when urinating. Also, some people who consume certain medications such as antihistamines or birth control pills will show signs of withdrawal if they drink the mixture prior to their usual dose. Finally, some people simply have a higher tolerance for alcohol or drugs than others. If this is the case, their bodies might produce less of the same substance than someone who doesn’t tolerate it well. 

If you’re interested in buying a fake urine kit, you should know that the best ones contain a variety of substances so that you can create a unique recipe for yourself. Some companies offer custom mixes which allow customers to choose specific chemicals and quantities that they want included. Others will provide you with a list of suggested ingredients and allow you to mix them however you wish. Either way, the goal is for each person to develop his or her own unique concoction. 

As mentioned earlier, synthetic urine is sold in almost every store imaginable. From grocery store chains to gas stations, you can find it just about anywhere. Of course, you can always buy it online, but this option isn’t recommended for obvious reasons. While it is unlikely that authorities would check your home computer for illegal substances, you never know what else might be lurking there. 

Also, if you decide to buy synthetic urine online, make sure to read the reviews carefully before purchasing. There are plenty of sites offering fake urine that aren’t worth your money. Many of them don’t contain any substances whatsoever and just make empty promises. 

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on a fake urine kit, you should also consider the cost of a real urine test. Depending on where you live, the price ranges from $25 to $50. Not only is this cheaper than the cost of a drug test, but it’s also less expensive than hiring a private investigator to spy on your former employer. So why pay more to cheat a drug test when you can save money by doing something legal? 

The bottom line is that synthetic urine can help you succeed on a drug test. However, you need to exercise caution when using it because it can cause problems in some circumstances. If you’re looking for professional advice, talk to a lawyer first. He or she can give you legal advice about whether it’s safe to use synthetic urine and whether it’s legal to purchase it.

If you’re still unsure about whether using synthetic urine is really a good idea, here’s another tip for you… 

One of the most common uses for synthetic urine is to pass a drug test on your job. In fact, this is probably the number one reason that people go through with this scheme. However, before you decide to use such a product, you should ask yourself whether your employer is likely to test employees’ urine. If they do, then you might be wasting your time because the chances are that you will fail anyway. 

Also, before you decide to use a synthetic urine kit, remember that it is designed to fool the lab technicians who conduct the actual drug test. If you’re going to use it to hide a personal habit, there’s no reason to use an inferior product. The truth is that the quality of the product you buy depends entirely upon the company that sells it. 

In short, synthetic urine can potentially ruin your life. Don’t waste your money trying to cheat a drug test unless you’re absolutely certain that you’ll be able to pass it without any problems. Remember that it’s illegal to use these products, so you can expect to face serious consequences if you’re caught. Even worse, once you’re caught, the penalties you face could include jail time. 

Finally, if you really want to use synthetic urine to get ahead professionally, you should take the time to learn everything you can about it. Read articles, watch videos, visit websites, and get as much information as you can before you make a decision. Only then will you be able to make informed choices regarding the purchase and use of this type of product.


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