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How to Keep Your Cat Calm When You Leave?

How to Keep Your Cat Calm When You Leave?

There are over 100 species of wild cats, but they all share certain physical traits. They have tufted ears, retractable claws, and fur that ranges in length from one to two inches. These qualities give cats their distinctive looks and behaviors. For example, their paw pads are covered with short hair that helps them to grip smooth surfaces, perfect for patrolling homes or stalking prey for hunting. Many people prefer adopting a cat because these pets give them a very good vibe.

Your cat is a part of the family; you love them, care for them and take good care of them. But when you leave the house, they can be more difficult to handle than you might expect as they feel separation anxiety. The following details will teach you how to keep your cat calm when you leave so that their unstable behavior doesn’t harm the people who love them most.

Ways to Keep Your Cat Calm When You Leave

  • Muzzle Them

There are times when a cat’s behavior can make you feel angry, frustrated, and even upset. You are tempted to give your cat a shot or two of the dreaded “Love Pheromone” to settle them down. However, this will only create an uneaten nasty situation that could end with a tragic conclusion. So instead, you can use the muzzle to stop your cat from hissing and scratching while you leave.

  • Please Make Sure They Have Their Supplies of Food and Water.

When you leave the house, your cat may not have time to eat or drink enough. You can provide them with a bowl of food, so they have enough to sustain themselves, but don’t go overboard and make them a huge meal. The last thing you want is for your cat to become obese.

  • Keep Them in a Quiet and Safe Location

By taking your cat to a quiet and safe location, they won’t have time to bother anyone. Also, make sure there are multiple escape routes so your cat won’t get stuck in one spot if they get bored or act out. In this way, your cat will likely remain calm when you leave the house and keep their distance from the people who care for them.

  • Leave the Radio or TV on

By leaving the radio or TV on, your cat can listen to a calming voice while they eat and drink. It will help them relax and make sure that they are calm when you leave, preventing them from becoming bored. If you want to watch TV or listen to the radio, keep it at a low volume so that your cat is not distracted.

  • Give Them a Toy to Play with

When you leave home, it’s easy to forget that you left your cat alone with nothing to do. Before you go, you should always leave a toy for them to play with and let them have fun. It can prevent your cat from becoming too bored when you leave and will calm them down. Instead of scratching or meowing the entire time, please give them a toy or catnip mouse so they can spend their time doing something pleasant.

  • Give Them a Cat Condo

Cat condos are perfect for both small and large cats. You can place your cat’s toys in this tower so they can have something to play with while you’re gone. By giving them this source of entertainment, they will spend less time meowing at the door and more time playing with their fun cat toys. You can also give them a few treats of highly valuable food as an incentive.

  • Shut Them In a Safe Room

If they can get into the kitchen or living room, they could find something to keep themselves occupied. However, if you put them in a safe room like your bedroom or bathroom, your cat won’t be able to cause much damage or turn on the AC. Don’t forget to shut the door too.

  • Play With Them Before You Leave

Cats are people like human beings and want to be entertained, even when you go out. You can make them happy by playing with them before you leave; in this way, they will be less likely to go crazy when you are gone. They will love your extra attention, which will make them much happier than if you left immediately after the play time finished.

  • Give Them a Catnip Toy

As mentioned in the previous point, cats love catnip; when they smell it, they become extremely active and energetic. Therefore, ensure you get a good quality toy with catnip so your cat will be happy when you leave. Another option is to grow your catnip so you can always have the right amount of catnip when needed.

  • Make Sure They Have Enough of Their Toys

Many toys are designed for cats, but they will not be able to play with them if they don’t have them. So make sure your cat has plenty of toys so they can play without damaging anything around the house.

Overall, keeping your cat calm when you leave is not an easy task. They love attention, and they can become very upset when they don’t get it. This is why it’s important to know how to keep your cat calm when you leave. If they don’t receive the proper care, their behavior may be unpredictable and harmful to themselves or others around them. 


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