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Dislyte: Guide to Reroll in The Fantasy Roleplaying Game

Dislyte: Guide to Reroll in The Fantasy Roleplaying Game

With the gaming industry being as wide as it can be due to the influx of new players during the pandemic, roleplaying games have been on their all-time rise due to their diverse characters with even varying backgrounds and in-game abilities. One such game is the Dislyte – a fantasy-adventure game loosely based on its characters in popular mythological folklore.

The game Dislyte follows several rich mythological lores in a modern setting which is explained through the chapters of the game. Beyond the chapters, it follows a ‘tier list’ and rolling or ‘gacha’ system where the players can use their in-game currency to roll out the ‘Gods’ the game has enlisted as the characters.

What is Dislyte?

As mentioned earlier, Dislyte is a roleplaying game with fantasy adventure as its main genre. It combines several mythological lores in a futuristic setting with an alluring art style and an even more charming soundtrack. The whole game is based on playing out the chapters and rolling out the desired characters from the in-game gacha.

The game, in itself, can be played for free since the in-game currency or the ‘gacha coins’ are provided within the game with the completion of each chapter as well as other activities like daily log-in, gathering achievements, using newbie codes, events and even through completing missions that the game allotted to its players.

However, the game also has an in-built system for purchase for those players who wish to attempt their luck more often in the gacha without wanting to wait. Since the probability of getting the characters or Gods in the game is also based on their ‘tier’, many powerful and popular ones become extremely difficult to roll.

What is a tier list?

Tier list, in a nutshell, is the ranking the in-game characters are allotted as per their abilities and other characteristics. The higher the tier of the God, the more powerful they are. However, higher-tier characters are quite difficult to get from the in-game gacha due to their low probability of rolling – almost like a high-risk high reward kind of thing normally seen in these types of games.

There are six tiers in the tier list of the game, with the lowest tier being D, going to the highest one being SS. Each in-game character is allotted a tier as per their abilities and ranks, and their rolling probability decreases as the tier increase – making higher tier ones being rolled a very rare occurrence unless luck is on one’s side or they have a certain amount of rerolls. In such instances, rerolling in the game may help to get some extra rolls out while not needing to spend your currency at all.

Rerolling in Dislyte

Rerolling is not as simple in Dislyte as it is in other ones; especially because the currency within the game is often not enough for rolling the gacha more than a few times. To do a mass roll, many may have to wait and collect for a day or two – which many may not be able to do due to a lack of patience.

To counter this, one can either buy in-game currency through online transactions or do the following steps to reroll for free:

  • Start by completing chapter 4 of the game;
  • Spend all the 10 or more golden records given as a reward for completing chapter 4;
  • Restart the game;
  • Go to ‘Settings’ of the game by clicking the profile icon on the top left corner of the game screen;
  • Click the ‘Services’ tab and select the ‘Account Service’ option;
  • Within that section, one will find the option to ‘initialize’ one’s account;
  • Initialize the account by entering the required password and restart the game. 

By doing this, they will be resetting their current progress without losing their gacha rewards and achievements. It will only reset their chapter progress, letting them refinish chapter 4 and get the rewards again. This can be done three times before the game disallows such resetting.

With gacha games being popular as it is, sometimes patience is not what one may find themselves with while trying to roll their desired characters or rewards from the rolling system. In-game methods like this make the gaming experience much better and easier; especially in such unique and alluring games like Dislyte. To know more about the game, move to https://dislyte.net/


Kristie Reeves is a news writer based in Toronto Canada. He has been working for Digital Media World for more than a decade.

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