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Guide To Master Words With Friends In No Time

Guide To Master Words With Friends In No Time

Words with Friends is a very popular game on mobile right now. It’s pretty similar to Scrabble, but the letters are all animals instead of words. The object of the game is to rack up points by using as many of the available tiles as possible.

The game has been around for years in other forms, and now it’s finally come to iOS via Words with Friends (WWF).

It’s a really fun game that can be played solo or against the computer, with up to three players being able to play at once. The developers claim that there’s over 50 million people playing this game each week, which makes it a lot more popular than your average word game. Click to read more.

How To Play – Words With Friends

You get two decks of cards, one deck of animal tiles and another of regular playing cards. You shuffle both decks together and then draw from the shuffled deck until you have six cards. Then you draw again, and repeat this process until you’ve drawn enough cards to start your turn.

To make a move, tap on the tile you want to use. If you’re not sure what to do, just tap the ‘?’ button at the bottom of the screen. The top half of the card will show you how many points you’ll score if you use the tile you tapped.

If you like the tile you picked, just tap it again and it will appear on the board. The tiles can also be dragged around the board, allowing you to change their positions. Just long-press on them and drag them to where you need them to go.

When you’re ready to make a move, simply tap on the space where you want to place the selected tile. Tap on the ‘!’ button when you’re done placing all your tiles to end your turn.

Once you begin playing, the tiles will fall into groups. Groups are made up of different types of characters. There are four basic groupings:

Wild Cards – These are the most powerful tiles in the game. They can be used at any time without penalty.

Blinds – These are the easiest tiles to play, since they don’t require you to guess what the words might be. They only give you a single letter, though, so they won’t help you much in scoring games.

Hogs – These are the least desirable tiles in the game. They only offer you a single letter, but they can score you big points when played.

Cats – These are the worst tiles in the game. They only give you a single letter, but they’re the hardest ones to play because they take away two points per turn.

As the game progresses, the tiles will continue to fall into these groups, so you should start getting an idea of what you’ll need to do at each point in the game.

The game continues until someone gets rid of all their tiles or runs out of moves. Whoever has the highest score after a round wins. If no one scores high enough to win, the player who racked up the fewest points wins.

A good word game isn’t all about winning, however. Word games are great for learning new vocabulary. This is why I recommend Words with Friends, even though it doesn’t allow offline play.

Word games are designed to be challenging and fun to play and they teach you a lot of useful things while doing it. For example, you can learn a language by simply playing a word game like Uno. Or you could become an expert on certain subjects by playing word games like Mafia and Trivia Master, too.


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