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How A Person Can Keep Himself Protected While Using The Dark Web?

How A Person Can Keep Himself Protected While Using The Dark Web?

The dark web is not easy to navigate for those who aren’t familiar with it. It’s a place that only the most tech-savvy users can find, and even then, there are multiple ways to get lost in the vastness of data. 

If you’re looking for something specific on the dark web, here are some tips to make sure you’ll be safe from scams and identity theft while searching for your next purchase or business opportunity. 

How do I know if I’m really on the dark web? If I type https://www.darkwebwatchdog.com/ into my browser, will it take me somewhere else? Is there an address bar at the top, or does it look like a regular website? 

The use of the Darkweb involves having the access over the illegal sites. So a person needs to be really careful while using the platform. If the person will have the complete detail of the platform and then use it then only it will prove to be the beneficial option. In the long run the person will get eth benefits that are fruitful.

If you don’t see anything but a blue background and a search box, you have probably landed on a normal site, where you can click “search” or enter keywords into the text box. The dark web is a different universe altogether, which means you cannot access any normal websites by using the internet address of https://www.darkwebwatchdog.com/. 

This website was created as a guide to help people understand what the dark web is, how it works, and why you should stay away from it. You can learn more about this subject in our article titled How Do I Know If I’m Really On the Dark Web?

If you want to explore the dark web without fear of being scammed, then you need a tool called Tor Browser. This browser has been developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting civil liberties in the digital world. 

Tor allows you to browse the dark web anonymously so no one can track you down. It also gives you access to hidden services that allow you to send bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies anonymously. In short, Tor helps you browse the dark web safely, securely, and anonymously. 

So, how do you use Tor Browser? There are several methods of downloading and installing the Tor Browser. We’ll discuss them all below, along with some helpful hints on how to keep yourself protected when using the dark web. 

  1. Downloading Tor Browser 

You first need to download the Tor Browser onto your computer before you can start browsing the dark web. It can be downloaded directly from the official website. 

To download the Tor Browser, follow these steps: 

Go to the official website for the Tor Browser. You can get to the download page by typing https://www.torproject.org/download/into your browser. 

Click the Download button beside the Tor browser logo. 

After clicking that button, you may receive an error message telling you the file size is too large. Just ignore this and continue downloading the file. 

When the download completes, open up the folder where you saved the file. Inside the folder, you can find two files: torbrowser_enigma_enigma_x86_64_5.0.2.10-with-libevent.zip. Don’t worry if you don’t recognize the name; just click the zip file to extract its contents. 

Once the zip file opens, you should find a folder named torbrowser-bundle inside it. Double-click this folder to launch the Tor Browser. 

  1. Installing Tor Browser 

Now that you’ve installed the Tor Browser, you can begin using it. However, there are a few things you must remember when using this program. 

First, you won’t be able to use Tor Browser if you’re connected to the internet through Wi-Fi because it uses your local network to connect to other websites. To prevent this, unplug your wireless adapter or turn off your router. Then, plug it back in and try to run the Tor Browser again. 

Second, you should set up Tor Browser with a proxy server. A proxy server hides your IP address from the websites you visit, thus giving you anonymity. Go to the Settings menu and select Preferences. 

In the Tor section, check Use system proxy settings. Now close the window and restart Tor Browser. This time, when you click Connect, you should see a green tick mark next to the option. 

  1. Protecting Yourself While Using Tor Browser 

It’s important to note that Tor Browser doesn’t actually hide your location. This browser uses encryption technology to give you an anonymous experience. However, this makes it difficult to protect yourself while using the dark web. 

The easiest way to protect yourself while browsing the dark web is to install the Tor Browser Extension. When you install this extension, you can choose whether or not to show the URL bar. By default, it will show you the URL, making it easier to avoid visiting dangerous sites.

Another thing you can do to protect yourself when surfing the dark web is to disable JavaScript and cookies. These features can be used by hackers and other malicious parties to spy on your activities. Thus, they need to be disabled. 

  1. Using Other Tools on the Dark Web 

Although the Tor Browser is the safest way to browse the dark web, there are plenty of other tools out there that let you enjoy this new world. Here are some of the best ones. 


Tails is a Linux operating system that lets you surf the dark web completely anonymously. Tails protects your privacy by encrypting everything you do online. All of your traffic goes through the TOR network, which acts as a virtual private network (VPN). 

All of the information sent over the VPN network is encrypted, which means the government or anyone else trying to snoop on you won’t be able to read it. This way, you can stay protected while browsing the dark web. 

While you can use Tails to browse the dark web, it’s mainly designed for security research purposes. Because it’s completely anonymous, you can use it to perform attacks against organizations and individuals. And since Tails is based on Debian, you can easily customize it to suit your needs. 


TORGuard is another great option for browsing the dark web. It’s built on a platform called Xenforo, which is similar to WordPress. With this software, you can create and manage pages, blogs, groups, forums, news feeds, and much more. 

One cool feature of TORGuard is that you can add Google Calendar events to your blog posts, and people can subscribe to them. They can also reply to your posts and interact with you. 

TORGuard Pro 

TORGuard Pro is the premium version of TORGuard. Like its free counterpart, it offers all the same features, including the ability to create custom-made themes. Plus, the pro version comes with extra themes and plugins. 

You can use it to create blogs, forums, and private messaging systems. It’s also possible to create email accounts and instant messaging applications. TORGuard Pro is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X, which means you can use it regardless of which operating system you prefer. 


We hope that this article gave you some insight into the dark web and what it is and how you can use it safely. We also want to reiterate that you shouldn’t use Tor Browser to browse the dark web. Instead, you should use the above tools to protect yourself while doing so. Remember, if you’re going to buy anything on the dark web, always be careful!


Kristie Reeves is a news writer based in Toronto Canada. He has been working for Digital Media World for more than a decade.

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