Pakistan Says Will Soon Respond To Indian Dossier On Jaish-e-Mohammed

Pakistan Says Will Soon Respond To Indian Dossier On Jaish-e-Mohammed

Pakistan Says Will Soon Respond To Indian Dossier On Jaish-e-Mohammed

"This government will not allow Pakistan's land to be used for any kind of outside terrorism", Khan said while addressing a rally in southern Pakistan.

As the American media warn that the Kashmir dispute could lead to a nuclear conflict in South Asia, a senior U.S. general says terrorists continue to stoke tensions between India and Pakistan.

Speaking on behalf of Pakistan, Andrabi denied that his country had a hand in the troubles in the state, asserting that the source of the unrest was "indigenous" and cited Indian "experts" as saying it resulted from its "own operational and policy failures" that alienated Kashmiris.

".and we continue to urge Pakistan to take sustained, irreversible action against terrorist groups that will prevent future attacks and that will promote regional stability". "Did they not insult the forces", Modi said.

A nuclear war between India and Pakistan is "most likely" and the "relative calm" is not a solution as long as the two neighbours refuse to deal with their core dispute of Kashmir, the New York Times has said in an opinion piece.

India has called for a "UN-led consensus on zero tolerance on terrorism", while condemning Pakistan's use of cross-border insurgency as an instrument of state policy.

There is every possibility that the detention could also be an attempt by the Pakistan Army to provide security to these terrorists, given the "fear psychosis" that has gripped Pakistan in the past few days following the Indian Air Force strike at Balakot, an Indian official said.

He said the JeM facility at Balakot was headed by Maulana Yousuf Azhar, the brother-in-law of Masood Azhar, the chief of JeM.

"While we are being told that hard action is being taken against the JuD and Falah-e-Insaniat Foundation, all that has been done is that they are only on the watchlist".

The next day Pakistani aircraft entered Indian airspace and the two nations' jets engaged in aerial dogfights, with at least one Indian aircraft shot down and its pilot captured by Pakistan.

The high tensions last week displaced hundreds of villagers on both sides. Instead, the spokesman said, 'As far as Pakistan goes, we've been in contact with Pakistan on this issue.

The Indian navy's statement came in response to a video released by Pakistan of what it claimed was an Indian submarine trying to enter its territorial waters.

At the congressional hearing, Gen Votel who, as CENTCOM commander, supervises Washington's military strategy for the Pak-Afghan region, said the U.S. security assistance to Pakistan remained suspended, but some military cooperation activities continued, demonstrating "the importance of military cooperation, despite challenges in the bilateral relationship". He was returned to India on March 1. "We are ready for talks and we support peace", he said.

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