Shamima Begum: 'Strong' Reports Daesh Bride's Baby 'Has Died' - Lawyer

Shamima Begum: 'Strong' Reports Daesh Bride's Baby 'Has Died' - Lawyer

Shamima Begum: 'Strong' Reports Daesh Bride's Baby 'Has Died' - Lawyer

There are unconfirmed reports that the baby son of Shamima Begum - the teenager who fled London to join the Islamic State group - has died, her family's lawyer has said.

Separately, a paramedic told the BBC that Jarrah, the almost three-weeks-old baby, died on Thursday after battling a lung infection.

On Friday, her family's lawyer Tasnime Akunjee said they had received "strong but as yet unconfirmed reports" the baby had died, adding: "He was a British citizen".

After the baby's health deteriorated on Thursday, medical staff from the Kurdish Red Crescent transferred the mother and baby from al-Hawl camp to the main hospital in al-Hasakah City in northern Syria.

Ms Begum was 15 when she and two other schoolgirls went to join the terror group in February 2015.

She has given a number of interviews to British media, saying she wanted to return to Britain. She told reporters at the time that she had already lost two babies - one to malnutrition and another to ill-health - during her time with ISIS and pleaded with the United Kingdom government to allow her and her new-born baby to return to the Britain.

"Children should not suffer, so if a parent does lose their British citizenship, it does not affect the rights of their child", Javid said.

When she gave birth to her son just a few days later, her comments had already sparked a huge debate on whether she and her child should be repatriated.

Ms Begum is now believed to be in a refugee camp closer to the Iraqi border after being removed from the Al-Hol camp in the north of Syria due to alleged threats.

Her family, who pledged to appeal against the decision, also wrote to Mr Javid pleading with him to allow a safe passage for the boy to come to the UK.

Shamima Begum pictured in a photo held by her sister.

She resurfaced heavily-pregnant at the Syrian refugee camp last month and spoke of her desire to return to the United Kingdom, as the self-styled caliphate collapsed.

He had previously denied the baby had died in a Twitter post that has since been deleted.

"I have nothing but sympathy for the children that have been dragged into this".

A spokesman for the Home Office told CNN that the Home Secretary can deprive someone of their British citizenship "where it would not render the individual stateless".

'Inside Syria, whether in a camp or maybe somewhere else, there is no British consular presence'.

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