Uh Oh: AOC Just Had Another Complaint Filed Against Her

Uh Oh: AOC Just Had Another Complaint Filed Against Her

Uh Oh: AOC Just Had Another Complaint Filed Against Her

The group not only raised funds for her, but also "built a phone-banking tool that allowed over 1,000 volunteers to make over 192,000 calls to over 86,000 voters for the Ocasio-Cortez campaign" and "mobilized volunteers to knock on doors, helped build Ocasio-Cortez's digital and communications infrastructure and eventually jumped in to help staff her campaign".

Paul Ryan, a top lawyer for Common Cause and an advocate for greater transparency in politics, said the dispute over whether the committees needed to disclose information about who ultimately received payments from Chakrabarti's company "is rooted in weak disclosure requirements" at the FEC. A video last month of Ocasio-Cortez firing off questions about dark money and campaign finance laws to experts during a congressional hearing has been viewed about 40 million times, reportedly making it the most watched political video posted on Twitter.

In its complaint, The National Legal and Policy Center argues the payments to Brand New Congress LLC offered evidence of an "extensive, off-the books operation".

First son Eric Trump referred to outspoken, democratic socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as "absolutely crazy" in a Fox News Radio interview on Tuesday in which he defended himself and his family against a mounting probe by Democrats.

The Brand New Congress PAC was founded in April 2016 by former volunteers and staff of the presidential campaign of Sen.

Ocasio-Cortez's campaign also paid the LLC for 'strategic consulting'.

The group stated it ran campaigns in a similar fashion for at least nine other candidates. This raises the obvious question of what "strategic consulting" work these companies did to earn over $1 million in fees within that time period despite having no recognized activity or personnel apart from Charkrabarti.

Federal Election Commission officials said this week that they were barred by agency rules from commenting on any matters pending before the commission.

Chakrabarti described the operation on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow as a "unified" national campaign to elect progressives to Congress, whereby candidates would be freed from the responsibility of raising money or administering their campaigns.

Ocasio-Cortez shamed the Democrats for going along with the "Republican maneuver" to add a "poison pill" minutes before they are set to vote on the bill.

"AOC is trying to raise taxes and she just drove Amazon out of our state, so we lost 25,000 high paying jobs in NY state, a state that's bleeding people every single day to other states because taxes are too high", Eric Trump said.

But any expenditures made "were never reported to the FEC", NLPC claimed.

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