Samsung Working on Two Other Foldable Phone Designs

Samsung Working on Two Other Foldable Phone Designs

Samsung Working on Two Other Foldable Phone Designs

The next design would be an outward-folding device like the Huawei Mate X. It is reported that Samsung has a working prototype after it was considered to be their first foldable device. The latter, announced at MWC last week, also comes with a novel Hand ID recognition system that's able to recognize your hand's unique veins pattern, but that phone isn't available in stores just yet.

The report does share a few more tidbits about the Fold, though.

The outfolding device, which already exists as a prototype after being considered as Samsung's first foldable gadget, will roll out afterward, the people said. Notably, the company had to stick a lot of heat-dissipating layers between you and that hot bidirectional wireless charging coil and that the whizzy new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is glued to the back of the display. Although Samsung's Galaxy Fold made a big splash online, the company's design was soon outdone by Huawei's Mate X.

Galaxy Fold, a smartphone phone with a flexible screen (Dh7,250), will go on sale in the region in the second quarter of 2019.

Interestingly, Bloomberg reports that Samsung is still trying to improve the durability of the Galaxy Fold that's set for an April launch. The device could have an extra screen on the outside but Samsung will decide on this depending on customers' reaction with the Galaxy Fold.

"No one knows what the ideal design is yet", said Bryan Ma, vice president of devices research at IDC.

The innovative touch sensor of the S10 proved impossible to extract from the screen, leading the gang to conclude that should the sensor break, the user is going to have to fork out for a new display.

The vice president also said that Samsung had to overcome a tougher challenge which was to create a "perfect close" for the foldable device.

Samsung is selling the Galaxy S10+ with 8GB/128GB configuration for Rs. 73,900 in Prism Black, Blue and White. In comparison, the Galaxy Fold costs almost $2,000. It's also considering offering free screen replacements to owners to compensate.

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