Anthem players say the game is bricking some PS4s

Anthem players say the game is bricking some PS4s

Anthem players say the game is bricking some PS4s

According to the BBC some gamers reported that it did not strike if they manually turned their console off after playing rather than leaving it in a suspended mode. Sony is now offering wide spread refunds to most of it's users when it was discovered that Anthem causes a total system crash on the PS4 console. Yet that's the case with Bioware's Anthem, as players have taken to Reddit to share their concerns about the game's imminent crashing on the PS4.Fortunately, it appears that Sony have begun issuing refunds for those affected. Overall, it's pretty damning for Anthem, especially as Bioware hasn't addressed the complaints yet.

In a Tweet late last night, EA states it is aware of the crashing issue and is prompting players to send their crash data reports so that the company can get to work on a fix. Crashing instances seem random and can occur during matchmaking, in-game missions, quitting the application from the PS menu, or even during loading screens.

I had a problem exactly like the one going on now a couple years back with the Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5HD Remix.

EA's shared world shooter Anthem for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC has had a rough launch.

But this issue is also being reported on the Xbox One. In fact, "due to the high volume of these kinds of posts", Reddit is now redirecting players to an Anthem bugs, errors and issues mega-thread. Whatever the cause, there's now a long list of tweets at the AskPlaystation Twitter account asking for refunds due to the issue.

Following this type of crash, some found pushing the front button wouldn't start the console; instead, they had to unplug the machine and plug it back in.

Several users are reporting that requests for refunds have proved successful. In a follow-up email to Kotaku, the person said they were playing on the Call of Duty: WWII limited edition PS4, which came out only a year and a half ago.

Now, Sony is notoriously strict when it comes to player refunds.

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