Facebook Isn't Keeping Your 2FA Phone Number Private

Facebook Isn't Keeping Your 2FA Phone Number Private

Facebook Isn't Keeping Your 2FA Phone Number Private

Facebook responded to TechCrunch with regards to the look up setting, with spokesperson Jay Nancarrow stating, "the setting applies to any phone numbers you added to your profile and isn't specific to any feature" and that the settings, "are not new".

The social media giant a year ago admitted that it used phone numbers to target users with ads and now, it is letting everyone, with or without a Facebook account, to look up a user profile based off the same phone number previously added to their account.

Hot on the heels of the Onavo VPN fiasco and paying teenagers in return for spying on them, Facebook is facing fresh outrage over allowing everyone to look up users with a phone number.

This feature cannot be turned off completely by users and is set to "everyone" (can look-up profiles) by default.

In September, Gizmodo reported that Facebook also uses that security information to target adverts: if a business has a phone number for a potential customer, they can upload that number and target that customer with adverts - even if the number is only in Facebook's systems because of the security policies. "Now it can be searched and there's no way to disable that".

The firm introduced a way to use third-party authentication apps in lieu of phone numbers in May 2018. Profiles can also be searched by phone number in the Messenger app.

He also revealed that the company shares 2FA phone numbers with its other platforms, like WhatsApp and Instagram.

Users are only given three options: Everyone, Friends of friends, and Friends.

From the Settings, scroll through to Security and Privacy then select two-factor authentication and click on the Authentication app option.

In any event, it may still be possible however to abuse Facebook's friend-finding feature by uploading large numbers of contacts via a mobile phone in the hope that Facebook will return a useful response for some of them.

'The original FB phone number prompt never mentioned "and more", Burge adds.

2FA or the Two-factor authentication is a security measure that requires your phone number so as to make sure that it is you who is making a log-in attempt on a different device or from a different location.

The world's most popular social network has become by far the most controversial tech company too lately, taking a lot of flak for exploiting pretty much every single dubious data harvesting and user privacy violating trick in the book.

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