U.S. Seeks UN Security Council Vote on New Venezuela Resolution

U.S. Seeks UN Security Council Vote on New Venezuela Resolution

U.S. Seeks UN Security Council Vote on New Venezuela Resolution

A month after Donald Trump declared Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro to be an illegitimate president, the leftist firebrand is still clinging to power and options for the United States look increasingly narrow.

Brazil and Colombia are Guaido allies that have been holding humanitarian aid the National Assembly speaker wants to bring into Venezuela.

Maduro denies his oil-rich nation has need for humanitarian aid and accuses Guaido of being a coup-mongering puppet for Trump. "But it ill behooves the Russians to talk about military intervention after they have dismembered both Georgia and Ukraine", Abrams told reporters at the United Nations ahead of a Security Council meeting on Venezuela.

Maduro also "stands ready for dialogue" with the Venezuelan opposition, Arreaza said. President Nicolas Maduro has blocked aid deliveries from the United States, saying they are part of a plot by Washington to remove him from office.

Brazil, as well as several other countries, no longer acknowledges Maduro as Venezuela's legitimate leader, but recognizes opposition leader Juan Guaido who claimed himself interim president on January 23.

"We call on member states to consider what resources and tools they have to contribute to Venezuelan democracy and to pressure the illegitimate Maduro regime to peacefully step down", the U.S. special representative for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, said.

The opposing views of Saturday's attempt by opposition leader Juan Guaido to deliver aid to Venezuelans facing an economic crisis and severe shortages of food and medicine reflected the deep divisions in the Security Council and among the U.N.'s 193 member states. A resolution needs nine votes in favour and no vetoes by Russia, China, France, Britain and the United States to pass.

"The only thing to discuss with Maduro at this point is the time and date for his departure".

For weeks, the US and regional allies had been amassing emergency food and medical kits on Venezuela's borders in anticipation of carrying out a "humanitarian avalanche" by land and sea to undermine Maduro's rule.

The two countries exchanged opposing views at a UN Security Council meeting.

Bolsonaro "will host Guaido in a personal visit, although Guaido will be officially welcomed by the minister for foreign affairs", Ernesto Araujo, said the Brazilian presidency's spokesman Otavio Rego Barros.

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