Labour suspend MP Chris WIlliamson over antisemitism row

Labour suspend MP Chris WIlliamson over antisemitism row

Labour suspend MP Chris WIlliamson over antisemitism row

The prime minister is still seeking changes to a withdrawal agreement struck with the European Union late a year ago, which she hopes will be enough to get it through parliament's lower House of Commons.

However, these are volatile times and many MPs in the Tory party may be happier handing responsibility back to the people, particularly when parliament itself remains hopelessly split on the issue of Brexit and all but the most radically Eurosceptic recognise the catastrophe represented by a "no deal" outcome.

Labour MP for Manchester Central, Lucy Powell, claims around 25 MPs would vote against any second referendum, meaning that without significant support from Tory MPs, it would struggle to pass the Commons.

Since the 2016 referendum, opponents of Brexit have sought another vote they hope would overturn the result.

However, French president Emmanuel Macron says he would only accept an extension request on Brexit if there was a "clear objective".

"That's the time when we will have to put the amendment up".

She stressed that she personally opposes extending the Brexit deadline, and said "the United Kingdom remains on course to leave the European Union with a deal" if lawmakers "hold their nerve".

Members of parliament voted 432-202 on January 15 to reject her deal, the biggest parliamentary defeat for a government in modern British history, and then on January 29 insisted she renegotiate the Irish border backstop. "A pregnant young MP bullied out of her own party by racist thugs", Watson told the BBC.

Some eurosceptics Conservatives appeared to have abstained or rebelled during the main vote on Wednesday. "It is my responsibility as deputy leader to ensure people have confidence in our complaints system and our ability to deal transparently with the scourge of antisemitism".

Elsewhere, an emergency motion was passed in Diane Abbott's Hackney North constituency, noting "with increasing alarm the acceptance of the "fact" that the Labour party is "institutionally antisemitic" by not only the media, but the right wing of the parliamentary Labour party".

There is growing momentum in Parliament against a no-deal scenario, and it is therefore most likely this option will get voted down, barring a big change in sentiment - but that can not be taken for granted.

In a twist, Costa was forced to quit as a junior minister because he was not technically allowed to put forward the amendment.

'I've asked to see Jeremy on Monday next week to talk about how we can further improve our measures to deal with anti-Semitism.

May is seeking guarantees of the temporary nature of the backstop, which risks keeping Britain in the EU's customs union indefinitely to keep the Irish border open.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn favoured a Brexit agreement that would see the United Kingdom staying in a customs union - which was rejected - and said his party would support a second referendum.

The government accepted two of the amendments including one by Labor MP Yvette Cooper to lock May to a commitment made to MPs on Tuesday, including one which will allow parliament to delay Brexit if her deal is rejected when a meaningful vote takes place next month.

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