Pastor Lakau 'completed a miracle God had started': Church backtracks on 'resurrection'

Pastor Lakau 'completed a miracle God had started': Church backtracks on 'resurrection'

Pastor Lakau 'completed a miracle God had started': Church backtracks on 'resurrection'

A pastor in South Africa who claimed to have performed a resurrection has sparked a social media craze as users took to the web mockingly mimicking his miraculous powers. In what has been widely dismissed as a poorly staged miracle, a Kings and Queens Funeral Services hearse was used to carry the coffin from an unknown house to Sandton where the church service was conducted. "And that trick has immediately backfired, with many civil society groups denouncing Lukau, and other church leaders", Mboro said.

They said they were tricked into giving them a hearse by Lukau's representatives who allegedly placed stickers from Black Phoenix on their private vehicle to appear credible.

According to Sowetan, Lukau's church claimed on Wednesday that the "dead" man was actually "already alive" when his "body" got to the premises and that Lukau had only "completed a miracle that God had already started". "As Kings and Queens Funeral Services, we would like to distance ourselves from the supposed resurrection of a deceased man by Hallelujah Ministries who allegedly was at our mortuary", said the parlour in a statement.

This, according to reports, was despite the fact that the coffin was acquired from Kingdom Blue.

His employer went on to describe him as a very smart man who was unfortunately fond of lying.

They denied any truth to media reports that the church had ever made a "U-Turn" on the miracle, stating that their position on the matter has always been consistent.

"At no stage did Pastor Alph claim that he had resurrected the person shown in the video, who was identified by his family as Elliot".

Meanwhile, the video has kicked off the #ResurrectionChallenge trend and social media users are having a good laugh about it. This is despite the parlours saying that they had been approached to transport the body to the church.

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