Jim Boeheim issues first public apology since auto accident | College Basketball Sound

Jim Boeheim issues first public apology since auto accident | College Basketball Sound

Jim Boeheim issues first public apology since auto accident | College Basketball Sound

So far, the Carrier Dome edition of the game is going the same way.

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski said freshman phenom Zion Williamson has not discussed staying on the bench after recovering from his knee sprain.

Syracuse fell 75-65 on the night. "I think that's what we tried to do, stick together as a team and as a Syracuse family".

"The Jimenez family has suffered a tremendous loss", Wildhack said in a statement.

As Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim took the floor on Saturday, tears streamed down his wife Juli's face.

Williamson opted to travel with the team to Syracuse rather than stay in Durham, saying, according to Krzyzewski, "Coach, I want to be with my guys".

Law enforcement officials are describing a deadly auto accident involving Syracuse men's basketball coach Jim Boeheim as a frightful, sad tragedy. They said Boeheim had asked them to focus on the game, and they offered condolences and prayers to the Jimenez family. "There's just nothing I can say about it". "They've always been supportive". "I'm sorry they happen, but they happen". And it's an unimaginable situation. Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick said he has known Boeheim for 40 years and that the coach does not drink. "I just can't, I can't describe it to you". Boeheim in a previously released statement Thursday said he's "heartbroken" over the crash. Tuesday it's not going to be better. It's not going to be better next week. It's not going to be any better next month.

The 18-year-old is the top basketball prospect in the United States and there was a collective gasp when he went down injured in the game against the University of North Carolina when his Nike's exploded just 33 seconds into the game. We've reached out to the family, and I intend to try and do that as I can in the future. "This is isn't about me, it doesn't matter how I feel".

So, if the facts hold as they're now being reported, we have a bad tragedy that could happen to anyone on the highway.

Boeheim and Krzyzewski are very close friends, having coached together on multiple Team USA Olympic teams.

Law enforcement has said Boeheim was not at fault. Jim has created a family. He looks strong, and I'm glad he coached. That's what he does.

After a heartfelt moment of silence and announcement before the tipoff, the much-awaited contest got underway.

The game set a record for an on-campus basketball game, eclipsing the mark of 34,446, twice against Duke. On Thursday, Duke listed Williamson as day-to-day.

"He's in good spirits and everything", Jones said talking about Williamson's injury setback. "It gave me goose bumps".

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