Samsung Galaxy Note10 will have a four camera setup

Samsung Galaxy Note10 will have a four camera setup

Samsung Galaxy Note10 will have a four camera setup

The new Huawei Mate X foldable 5G smartphone. The smartphone market is in decline and the folding smartphone represents a tremendous opportunity to revive the market.

These days, smartphone makers will take any excitement they can get-even if it entails some grousing over price.

The Mate X comes with a screen that measures no less than 8 inches and has a resolution of 2480x2000 pixels, with several modes offered, including a folded version that reduces the display to 6.6 inches. It was on display in Barcelona in a glass case like a museum artefact.

We could also see always-connected PC's (known as ACPC), which are devices with long life batteries that are lightweight and portable, but allow the power for work or gaming whatever the environment.

The phone, which is yet to be held by anyone except a Samsung executive, is due to go on sale in the United Kingdom on May 3.

"That was the solution we felt was best for longevity", Samsung's European Director of Mobile Portfolio & Commercial Strategy Mark Notton told Reuters. There is no doubt that other proposals for foldable smartphones should arrive later this year, and it will be interesting to follow the evolution of these concepts in the coming years and see which one will be the most popular with the general public.

Smartphone makers have been trying to innovate to persuade consumers to upgrade from devices which already meet most of their needs, in an effort to reverse falling sales. They will remain exclusively ultra-luxury devices with fewer than 2 million expected to be shipped worldwide this year, Canalys added.

In the US and the United Kingdom, the Samsung Galaxy Buds will go on sale March 8, the same day the new Galaxy S10 phones go on sale. The video shows what sounds the phone makes and shows what it's like for the phone to take photos and slide through different apps. That's what we are going to tell you right now. It will be available sometime around mid-2019.

Xiaomi Corp, which ranked fifth in smartphone shipments in the last quarter according to IDC, did reveal pricing information along with its first 5G device.

The Mi Mix 3 5G, with prices starting from €599 (S$918), to be launched in May. As for the new phone's price, this might be higher than ever.

Huawei skips Mobile World Congress in Spain to launch its P30 series flagship phones in France.

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