Jennifer Lopez will celebrate her 50th birthday by going on tour

Jennifer Lopez will celebrate her 50th birthday by going on tour

Jennifer Lopez will celebrate her 50th birthday by going on tour

On January 12, 1959, Berry Gordy redefined music when he founded Motown Records at 2648 West Grand Boulevard, Detroit.

Yes, Alicia Keys - who Lopez accidentally hit in the head with her mic - Smokey Robinson and Ne-Yo (now a Motown exec) stepped in to help, but this was, strangely, the J.Lo show. "You gotta do what's in your heart", Lopez shared in her defense.

But one particular Motown legend doesn't know what the big fuss is about, and had harsh words for anyone criticizing Lopez. While another commented: "Jennifer Lopez is doing the Motown tribute and when Janelle Monae is right there and I just don't understand the creative decision". It was terrible, the antithesis to everything Motown ever represented. Motown was music for everybody. "After Motown, Black popular music would never again be dismissed as a minority taste..." On social media, many folks noted that the choice wasn't a great stylistic match for J.Lo, and others wondered why contemporary black singers, who built their careers on the legacy of Motown, hadn't been chosen instead, especially during Black History Month.

More important than the gift itself, however, was the fact that Rodriguez had listened and paid close attention to Lopez's interests and, specifically, her passion for "Fixer Upper". Among those struggles were the Black woman being oversexualized and marginalized. As The Root pointed out, "Kelly Price was busy?" Amerie didn't want to make a cameo?

We already know she has a uniquely healthy diet in eliminating carbs and sugar.

For her part Lopez was in tears talking to "Entertainment Tonight" after her performance. It's too bad none of that says Motown.

The diet certainly proved its worth at the 2019 GRAMMYs, where J.Lo slayed during the Motown tribute.

That was lost in all of the hoopla over Lopez's performance, but, for those who were sour on the Grammy tribute to Motown, there will be an official Motown 60 Anniversary show on April 21 on CBS.

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