Mitch McConnell to Force Green New Deal Vote to 'Rattle' Democrats

Mitch McConnell to Force Green New Deal Vote to 'Rattle' Democrats

Mitch McConnell to Force Green New Deal Vote to 'Rattle' Democrats

While a number of Senate Democrats have endorsed the Green New Deal, including some who have declared presidential bids for 2020, others have exercised more caution when asked if they will support the measure.

"If that has made not just me but other guys think about this, and just be more thoughtful and aware and willing to go that extra mile, and make sure someone else is comfortable in that moment, that's a good thing", he said.

Several of trump's claims about the consequences of the Green New Deal are wrong.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) listens during a news conference following a weekly policy luncheon Tuesday on Capitol Hill.

A supplemental document explaining how to implement the Green New Deal, hosted on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's (D., N.Y.) congressional website, explains the plan seeks to quickly eliminate "farting cows and airplanes".

An email to customers from Frontier Airlines on Tuesday promised, "We've Got A Green New Deal For You!"

Some Democrats on Tuesday responded by defending the Green New Deal. Sen.

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, another cosponsor of the Green New Deal who has said he has no plans to run, told CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday he thinks some version of the plan is "absolutely realistic". "The Green New Deal resolution has struck a powerful chord in this country, and Republicans, climate deniers, and the fossil fuel industry are going to end up on the wrong side of history".

When the resolution came out on Thursday, roughly 65 House Democrats co-sponsored it, while fewer than a dozen senators did the same. Ocasio-Cortez's chief of staff said this was merely a draft and that it was published by accident.

It's unclear exactly what kind of measure McConnell plans to bring up for a vote in the Senate.

Trump has frequently expressed doubt about climate change and said he does not believe action is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.

Directly after his speech in El Paso, Trump got a peppered answer by Ocasio-Cortez: "Ah Yes, a man who cannot even read the Briefings, which are written in full sentences, provides literary criticism of a Resolution of the house of representatives", back wedged to the 29-Year-old via Twitter. Ed Markey, and quickly became the subject of harsh criticisms. The Green New Deal outlines various environmental factors contributing to substantial quality of life, addressing each one by assuring the setup of a new political system, which will regulate new economical changes in partnership with local communities. Say goodbye to dairy, to beef, to family farms, to ranches.

"It is way out of the mainstream of the American public to the point that it is scary", Barrasso said.

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