Former Trump Lawyer Cohen’s Congressional Testimony Postponed

Former Trump Lawyer Cohen’s Congressional Testimony Postponed

Former Trump Lawyer Cohen’s Congressional Testimony Postponed

Asked by a Fox News reporter about Chairman Schiff's plans to investigate his finances, President Trump labeled Schiff a "political hack", as the video below shows. Devin Nunes, Schiff's Republican counterpart, called on the committee Wednesday to make public all unclassified interview transcripts from the investigation. Republicans ended that probe in March, concluding there was no evidence of conspiracy or collusion between Russian Federation and Trump's presidential campaign.

The panel has previously released select transcripts to the Special Counsel, including that of Trump's longtime friend Roger Stone and Trump's former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen.

Schiff told reporters following a Wednesday meeting by the House Intelligence Committee, which he now chairs, that in accordance with promises made after the November 2018 election, the investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 United States presidential election would be reopened.

The Committee also voted to release all investigative transcripts to the public in order to provide us "with greater transparency and insight into Russia's operations and the USA government's response".

Since he testified in 2017, Cohen has turned on the president, cooperating with Mueller's probe and a separate investigation in NY. Cohen pleaded guilty in November to lying to the House and Senate intelligence committees about his role in a Trump business proposal in Moscow.

Cohen is due back in front of the House committee on Friday for a closed-door testimony, his first time answering questions in front of a Democrat-controlled panel, as part of an agreement to cooperate with Mueller's investigation. The investigation, Schiff said, would also explore whether Trump or his associates have "sought to influence US government policy in service of foreign interests" and any potential obstruction into the various investigations.

Schiff has said Mueller should consider whether additional perjury charges are warranted.

To protect ongoing investigative interests and information that remains classified, the Committee will release transcripts in a manner and according to a timetable that allows continued pursuit of important leads and testimony, while ensuring that the American people have faith in the process and can assess for themselves the evidence that has been uncovered, while legitimate national security interests continue to be protected. Among those whose transcripts would be sent are Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law, and former Trump strategist Stephen Bannon.

"That was a threat", Pelosi told reporters after a Democratic Caucus meeting.

The committee will also investigate whether any of the president's policy decisions were the result of foreign exploitation and whether any foreign actors are attempting to impede congressional or other investigations into those topics.

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