More Rain This Week, Icy Wednesday

More Rain This Week, Icy Wednesday

More Rain This Week, Icy Wednesday

Blue is snow/sleet, pink is freezing rain, green is regular rain.

Look for decreasing clouds Thursday afternoon with highs in the bone-chilling teens and 20s but gusty northerly winds topping 35 to 40 miles per hour at times, will make it feel much colder.

The warning is now in place for Waterloo Region and surrounding areas on Wednesday.

"Precipitation is expected to begin Wednesday morning as ice pellets before becoming mixed with freezing rain near midday", the national weather agency said. Mainly freezing rain along with sleet/ice pellets/snow and even some rain is likely. So this is going to be more of an ice event vs snow.

"That's the area we're concerned about, with that system coming in late Wednesday afternoon across the Poconos and northwest New Jersey", Vallee said in his latest Northeast video analysis.

The warning of a "flash freeze" goes into effect when the forecast calls for a "rapid drop in temperature" and the Environment Canada hopes to warn citizens of the slippery repercussions. Icy spots on area roads will be possible early Wednesday morning. The warmest temperatures of the day will be near -14°C and overnight lows will fall to near -20°C. About 3-6 feet of snow is expected above the 5000' level. 5-10 cm of drifting snow is likely through the day on gusty north winds. Highs will be in the upper 50s and possibly lower 60s.

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