Ariana Grande tried to 'fix' her misspelt '7 Rings' tattoo

Ariana Grande tried to 'fix' her misspelt '7 Rings' tattoo

Ariana Grande tried to 'fix' her misspelt '7 Rings' tattoo

She added on the Instagram post: "RIP tiny charcoal grill".

Ariana Grande has made a correction to her Japanese tattoo after a mistranslation meant it mistakenly referenced a barbecue, but many believe the fix is still incorrect.

Looking to celebrate the success of her new No. 1 single "7 Rings, " Ariana Grande wanted a tattoo with the song's name in Japanese for her palm. "And why does she hate her?" one fan tweeted in dismay.

The internet experienced a bit of bad tattoo schadenfreude yesterday when Ariana Grande showed off a new kanji hand tat that was reportedly mistranslated.

Grande previously explained that she'd left out characters from the initial tattoo because the inking process "hurt like f**k" and she couldn't sit through the entire session. Since the art was cut short, the meaning of the tattoo became "small barbecue grill", and Ari received a ton of backlash for appropriating Japanese culture.

"Noooo don't do that", one comment read on Grande's now deleted Instagram post, "It means "Japanese small charcoal grill"!". So, she's fixed it...kinda.

Grande first opened up about the inspiration behind "7 Rings" in her Billboard "Woman of the Year" cover story in December. "Miss u man. I actually really liked u".

- Zac Russell (@ZacRussell93) February 1, 2019Ariana wants people to read her's top-to-bottom, left-to-right, but Japanese is NEVER arranged that way. Most recently, it was after she had a tattoo removed that read "8414", the badge number of "Saturday Night Live" star Pete Davidson's late firefighter dad who died in the attacks on September 11th.

It looks like 2 Chainz and Ariana Grande have ended their mild beef.

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