Huawei network "pause" - Vodacom responds

Huawei network

Huawei network "pause" - Vodacom responds

"We are grateful to Vodafone for its support of Huawei and we will endeavor to live up to the trust placed in us", he said.

The UK-based Vodafone has already started pausing - and not a replacement - the Huawei equipment in its core networks until Western governments give the Chinese technology firm full security clearance.

However, Vodafone's chief executive Nick Read argued that the debate over the company was being carried out at a "too simplistic level" and highlighted the firm's importance to the mobile industry.

Huawei, the world's biggest producer of telecom network gear, is facing increasing scrutiny in Europe over concerns about its technology.

Sales of Huawei smartphones and other consumer products rose more than 50 percent past year over 2017, showing "no influence" from Western security warnings, Yu told reporters.

Officials didn't indicate who might supplant Huawei, but Nokia and Ericsson, of Finland and Sweden respectively, are two of Europe's front-runners in the networking industry.

"We are working with the government and partners in Poland to convince the authorities that far from posing a threat to networks in the country, our technology will help improve connectivity", Huawei said in a statement.

Huawei uses its own chipsets in its high-end phones and servers but said it does not intend to become a standalone chip vendor to rival the likes of Qualcomm and Intel Corp.

Read insisted there would not be significant costs should it decide to replace all Huawei 5G equipment, but said the process would take several years to resolve.

Vodafone's Read warned that if there were a "complete ban" on all Huawei network equipment, "it would be a huge issue for us and the whole European telecommunications sector" and significantly delay the rollout of 5G networks.

Huawei said the policy change only affects a small proportion of Vodafone's 5G networks, which it will continue to support.

A render of Huawei's foldable phone.

Vodafone is planning to launch 5G services in a number of markets, including the United Kingdom, later this year. He didn't mention Huawei by name, or Vodafone's announcement on Friday, but was responding to a question about the recent global crackdown on the Chinese supplier.

Huawei has faced increasing scrutiny over its alleged links to Chinese intelligence services, prompting not just the U.S. but also Australia and Japan to block it from building their 5G internet networks.

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