NAIAS: Cadillac gives preview of EV crossover concept

NAIAS: Cadillac gives preview of EV crossover concept

NAIAS: Cadillac gives preview of EV crossover concept

The premium brand will be the first to use the platform, helping Cadillac catch up with to the likes of Audi's e-tron and the Jaguar I-Pace which are already in production.

The 5-passenger electric SUV will have a range of more than 300 miles and will feature all-wheel drive and Super Cruise - Cadillac's partially autonomous driving system.

Cadillac also announced a new XT6 crossover and shared plans for a revised Escalade and a performance sedan. GM said its gearing up to position Cadillac as a luxury rival to the current segment leader, Tesla.

The vehicle showcased on Sunday doesn't yet have a name, but Cadillac did provide limited details on the engineering concept.

Cadillac is going to introduce new models roughly once a half year through 2021. A company press release said the new automobile reflects GM's move toward all-electric vehicles in the future. The electric Caddy crossover will be just the first in a range of vehicles to make use of the platform, which has been created to accommodate front-, rear- or all-wheel drive configurations. Cadillac says that what makes this framework different from others are the drive units and battery cells.

General Motors' announcement last week that Cadillac will become its lead brand for electric cars is a radical change in strategy.

Cadillac says that its new EV platform will allow it to quickly respond to customer preferences with a "relatively" short lead time, and a variety of body styles will be possible with the architecture.

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