Kelly Accuser Faith Rodgers Says He Threatened Her and Her Family

Kelly Accuser Faith Rodgers Says He Threatened Her and Her Family

Kelly Accuser Faith Rodgers Says He Threatened Her and Her Family

The NYPD will meet with a woman who has accused R. Kelly of sexual assault and infecting her with genital herpes - and who now says the singer is trying to intimidate her into silence, attorney Gloria Allred said Monday.

If the cops take up the case in NY, R. Kelly will be the subject of three criminal investigations, since authorities and Georgia and IL are looking into abuse allegations surrounding the alleged "sex cult" the singer is overseeing.

Anchor Stefan Holt also reports on the latest in the El Chapo drug trafficking trial, a hostage standoff in New Jersey and diaper bombs on the Lower East Side.

And just after Rodgers testified in the documentary "Surviving R. Kelly" that aired this month, her lawyers say Kelly, 51, and his team created a Facebook page - which the social media giant removed within hours - in an effort to discredit his accusers including Rodgers, posting "private" photos of her.

"We are here today to let Mr. Kelly know in no uncertain terms that he can not and will not intimidate his alleged victims into keeping silent about their allegations", Allred told reporters.

Besides tracking his life, career and creation of Miramax and The Weinstein Company, it also documents the shocking allegations that emerged on 4 October 2017 in an expose in The New York Times detailing his decades of abuse, and his fall from grace.

Playing the role of her producer, R Kelly is seen in the background, watching Aaliyah as she records her song.

Faith Rodgers, left, appears during a news conference about R&B singer R. Kelly in New York, Monday, Jan. 14, 2019.

"No woman should be criticized, shamed or retaliated against for speaking the truth", Rodgers told reporters.

Kelly has vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

"This is to enlighten you concerning the presumption of court appearances that you may not be aware of since attorneys are taught a coloring of law and not Canon or Common Law".

"You know what, I think essentially it is the right thing to do".

The documents include a signed eviction notice, which was put on hold until January 21 for Kelly to pay.

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