Instagram egg photo smashes Kylie Jenner record

Instagram egg photo smashes Kylie Jenner record

Instagram egg photo smashes Kylie Jenner record

This was a huge task since the previous record holder is a well known celebrity, Kylie Jenner and her post had over 18 million likes.

The "Egg Gang account" owner said in an Instagram story: "This is madness".

The most-liked photo on Instagram is now a post with an image of an egg from @world_record_egg.

The Egg Instagram page was specifically set up to trounce the record of Kylie Jenner and it succeeded.

Jenner didn't seem annoyed at being beaten by an egg, responding with a video of her cracking one onto the ground.

Since being published on January 4, the photo has garnered over 28 million likes and counting, beating Jenner's record by a long shot. "We got this", "World Record Egg" captioned the photo of a simple brown, freckled whole egg.

This is a very popular egg.

The video had over 14 million views a mere eight hours after publishing. Posted by Kylie Jenner in February a year ago, it features her daughter Stormi Webster.

In a weird turn of events, a picture of a small brown egg has taken over Instagram and Twitter, and how! When can we get our hands on egg merch?

What do you guys think about the fact that AN EGG has more Instagram likes than you will ever get? Only time will tell. Henrietta - let's just go with it - added that they created the account after they "stopped drinking for Dry January", a month when people attempt to go without alcohol. "It was nothing personal".

The photo served as a birth announcement of Stormi after Jenner had avoided confirming reports of her pregnancy with rapper Travis Scott until after she had given birth. "Sometimes, the will of the internet just bends in peculiar ways, and in this case, the internet decided it was into that egg", wrote the Times.

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