Netflix account sharing could be coming to an end

Netflix account sharing could be coming to an end

Netflix account sharing could be coming to an end

We are often guilty of sharing the password for Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go with our family members, friends, and romantic liaisons.

Synamedia, which recently received an investment from Sky, showcased the new tech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Synamedia's security team designed the software to understand how and where to look for activity that might be suspicious, integrating it with behavioral models for better understanding.

Media research firm Magid suggests that 26% of millennials share passwords for video streaming services, while consulting firm, Parks Associates predicts $9.9 billion of pay-TV revenues and $1.2 billion of OTT revenues will be lost to credentials sharing by the year 2021.

Netflix has yet to confirm they'll be taking up the new service but if it proves successful, it could be rolled out to other streaming services. "Our new solution gives operators the ability to take action", Jean Marc Racine, chief product officer of Synamedia, said in a statement.

The new platform will use artificial intelligence and machine learning and identify, monitor and analyze the pattern of password sharing.

It is expected anything from sending an email alerting the user to more premium account models that allow more than one person to access the service to a complete account ban entirely are possible repercussions. The internet consumer protection group Electronic Frontier Foundation has pushed for laws to protect password sharing. Netflix's CEO Reed Hastings has previously expressed no concern over the issue, noting that it's part of what makes streaming services so desirable. "It's a great way to keep honest people honest while benefiting from an incremental revenue stream", said Racine.

If an account is signed in and watching shows in both Edinburgh and London, then Synamedia flags the user.

Netflix might finally be closing in on its users who share passwords.

Apparently there are "a number of firms" now testing the algorithm, but Synamedia is not naming names.

Synamedia says its AI has already begun trials.

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