China retailers slash iPhone prices after Apple sales warning

China retailers slash iPhone prices after Apple sales warning

China retailers slash iPhone prices after Apple sales warning

According to sources close to the Wall Street Journal, the high-end iPhone 11 will gain a triple camera while the iPhone XR successor will get dual snapper on its back.

Chinese retailers are slashing prices for iPhones, in what analysts see as a fresh sign that the company may be struggling to shift the handsets in the expected numbers. Apart from the camera and a faster processor, we are likely going to see Apple debut some AR features with the devices as well. In total, six retailers have instituted dramatic price cuts in order to spur iPhones sales according to the news organization.

The iPhone XR is Apple's budget model and comes with an LCD screen and thicker bezels around its screen.

The other two phones will apparently have dual-lens cameras, which would mean no change in the number of lenses for the iPhone XS successor (which we're calling the iPhone 11 for now) but would be one extra for the iPhone XR successor.

Apple's current flagship iPhone is the iPhone XS Max but there is very little separating the iPhone XS Max and the smaller iPhone XS.

Apple oracle Ming Chi-Kuo is the latest to offer up some premature predictions about what we can expect from the devices.

The WSJ report claims that for 2020 iPhone lineup, Apple is planning on entirely switching to OLED panels.

The new 3D imaging sensor can be used to refresh Apple's Face ID tech. And with iPhone sales declining, you can be sure there will be a bunch of ridiculous rumours to build up hype for the next iPhones.

Qian Chao, a district manager for Shanghai-based iPhone distributor DoubleRise Beijing Technology, said it was the company's decision to make the price cuts and that it had not received any official notice from Apple.

Today's report follows an earlier investor note by Ming-Chi Kuo, in which he cut down shipment estimates for the iPhone.

Similar discounts were spotted for other models.

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