Taiwanese technology giants unveil new products at CES 2019 | Tech

Taiwanese technology giants unveil new products at CES 2019 | Tech

Taiwanese technology giants unveil new products at CES 2019 | Tech

The ad's placement takes on extra irony when you notice that Google's CES presence is even bigger than it was a year ago - the company once again wrapped the Las Vegas monorail with "Hey Google" ads and once again it is building a huge playhouse in the convention center parking lot. More than 180,000 people are attending this year's CES, which will have more than 4,500 exhibits. The startup's founder and CEO, Lora Haddock (pictured above), has also gone on a PR offensive.

Among the innovations at this year's get-together, run by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), are an augmented strip club complete with virtual pole dancers and a "personal massager" you can operate from your smart watch.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2019 is just around the corner and before the four-day tech fest begins, Apple has put a giant billboard on display at a hotel near the Las Vegas Convention Centre (LVCC) that takes a direct shot at Android's security features.

Haddock fumed: "Putting aside for a moment the implication that women's sexual wellness products are somehow immoral or obscene - if we didn't fit their policy, how in the world did our application even get past the first round of vetting by CTA staff, let alone receive high marks across the board from their expert judges?"

In a shocking twist, Lora Dicarlo's Osé adult, female toy has had its CES Robotics Innovation Award revoked.

If you ask us, a product created to empower women's sexuality and health is far from "profane", and as Haddock made clear in her blog post, it practically screams robotics.

Additionally, it is suggested that CES sees the launch of various other sex toys (from OhMiBod), VR porn, and even a sex robot which completely contradicts the excuse given out by CTA for the disqualification of the sex toy.

It is not the first time the event has been criticised on issues of gender equality.

Speaking of the general public, they are not allowed into the show. "But if CES and CTA are so intent on keeping women and sex tech out, we'll never find out". "From the exclusion of female founders and executives to the lack of female-focused products allowed to exhibit on the floor - there are demonstrable issues with diversity", she writes.

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