Warren's debut trip to Iowa ignites voter passion

Warren's debut trip to Iowa ignites voter passion

Warren's debut trip to Iowa ignites voter passion

"It's just way early". Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) announced on Thursday that she is shutting down her joint fundraising PAC. "Get in now, start to build your network in Iowa". She has not campaigned there in years, and while her economic message may resonate with voters, she may find some discomfort with her willingness to tangle so openly with the president and other Republicans.

She went on to tell of her visit to the southern border, where she saw detention camps holding migrants who had tried to cross into the United States from Mexico. And opportunity, for too many of our young people, is shrinking. "Those are the issues that I'm gonna talk about".

That move was meant to thwart Trump's criticism of her, but instead it drew a rebuke from Native groups including the Cherokee Nation. Elizabeth Warren's claim of Native American ancestry - posting a mock campaign poster with the slogan "1/2020th" below her name. Her response: "'Yea, again, how about the president spends his time getting the government back open'".

"It's important for everybody this year".

Iowa's caucuses will not be held for another 13 months in February of 2020.

Warren will have the chance to forge more personal connections with the state's activists and powerbrokers, starting Saturday with about 20 Democratic activists at a private home in central Iowa and Sunday at a Des Moines cafe. Warren will also convene a conversation with female leaders in nearby Ankeny on Sunday morning. So, I'm in this fight all the way.

Undoubtedly, Warren could tout her stark differences with Trump in a presidential contest.

Warren refused to address the concern over her dubious claim of Native heritage, which seemingly gave her a leg-up with a job at Harvard, and continued to speak of the shutdown to reporters.

Trump told Fox News Channel's "All-American New Year" in an interview Monday that he hopes Warren runs. "We need someone who knows we're going to be the ones taking care of the planet". "It was unbelievable. It was like a giant Amazon warehouse that was dirty".

After garnering some criticism from progressives for leaving her plans to combat the climate crisis out of her announcement regarding a potential 2020 presidential run, Sen.

Having recently named a team of seasoned Iowa campaign hands, Warren took the stage in the bowling alley bar to a typical campaign soundtrack of pop and classic hits. But, she said, she doesn't think it'll do Warren any harm.

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