Police arrest man suspected of killing California officer after 3-day manhunt

Police arrest man suspected of killing California officer after 3-day manhunt

Police arrest man suspected of killing California officer after 3-day manhunt

Admirers have talked this week about his determination to be a police officer and his love of ocean fishing and other exploits. A 55-hour manhunt led to the arrest just east of Bakersfield of Gustavo Perez Arriaga, 32, on suspicion of shooting the corporal.

Perez Arriaga is accused of killing Cpl.

Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson said Singh was the department's first officer to die in the line of duty.

The Kern County Sheriff's Office confirmed to CBS San Francisco Friday morning that the suspect in the slaying of 33-year-old Newman Police Cpl.

Surveillance teams were set up in different communities, and authorities got a search warrant for the home where Perez Arriaga was found.

John Cohen, a former California police officer and undersecretary of the Department of Homeland Security during the Obama administration, said any suggestion that California's sanctuary laws prohibit local police from sharing information with ICE about violent criminals is "misleading".

When a gunfight broke out, Singh tried to defend himself but apparently did not hit the suspect, Christianson said.

California's sanctuary law limits cooperation between local authorities and US immigration officials and has drawn scorn from the Trump administration.

Singh's brother, Reggie, sobbed as he addressed reporters during Friday's press conference.

The laws are a flashpoint between jurisdictions that say they allow immigrant communities to report crimes without fear of deportation and the Trump administration, which has vowed to crack down on such cities and states.

Two others - Gustavo Arriaga's brother Adrian Virgen and his work colleague Erik Razo Quiroz - were also detained for allegedly acting as accomplices.

Several Hispanic individuals, including two of Arriaga's brothers, were also arrested Friday for allegedly aiding and abetting Arriaga as he was heading back toward the border to Mexico. Referring to the arrest, he said, "I was waiting for this to happen".

The suspect was an illegal immigrant from Mexico who has claimed to be involved with a criminal gang called the Sureños, Christianson said. The sheriff elaborated on Arriaga's history, explaining that he was arrested twice previously for DUIs and has known gang affiliation.

The police chief of a tiny California town fought back tears as he described the officer gunned down during a traffic stop as a patriot who fought hard to serve his adopted country while the man suspected of killing him crossed the border illegally and is a "coward".

According to the Modesto Bee, Christianson met with President Trump in May at the White House to discuss immigration and sanctuary laws.

Singh was killed at about 1 a.m. Wednesday after pulling over a suspected drunk driver at Merced Street and Eucalyptus Avenue.

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