Apple's High-End iPhones Will Be Produced in India

Apple's High-End iPhones Will Be Produced in India

Apple's High-End iPhones Will Be Produced in India

In India, currently, Apple has partnered with Winston Corp in Bengaluru to manufacture lower-cost iPhones, I.e., the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6s models, which make a decent number of sales in our market, considering the lower pricing. Foxconn will be making high-end devices in the flagship Apple series, the report added.

This is a substantial 33 percent jump in the number of Android users who switched to iOS after the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were launched past year, and a whopping 45 percent increase when compared to Android switchers in the month after the launch of iPhone X.

An Apple spokeswoman, Trudy Muller, who was pressed for comment by Reuters, declined - while a Foxconn spokesperson said in a statement that the firm does not comment on "matters related to current or potential customers, or any of their products". Local officials expect the investment to bring as many as 25,000 jobs.

No doubt, Apple is seeing a decline in its overall sales volumes across the world.

CIRP also noted that the iPhone Xr accounted for 32% of iPhone sales for the month following its release. But within the product mix that it has got now, with the high-end iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XS, the third, the iPhone XR, appears to be doing well.

For Apple, widening assembly beyond China is critical to mitigate the risks of the Sino-U.S. trade war.

"Based on the initial sales, iPhone XR took the same share of iPhone sales as earlier models in their first month on the market", CIRP co-founder Josh Lowitz said. As of late, the Indian government has set up high tariffs on imported cell phones, while likewise offering less expensive import rates on cell phone parts so as to urge makers to assemble gadgets in India and drive the nation's assembling business.

Three sources cited by Reuters today said the company has tapped Foxconn for the project.

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