Repeated drone sightings halt flights at Gatwick Airport

Repeated drone sightings halt flights at Gatwick Airport

Repeated drone sightings halt flights at Gatwick Airport

It wasn't immediately clear how many flights were affected in total, said Mr Mark Lever, a Gatwick spokesman.

The runway at London's Gatwick Airport remains closed this morning following reports of drones flying close to the airport - despite briefly reopening overnight.

Gatwick Airport in the UK's Sussex has halted its operations, including suspending numerous flights, after reports emerged of more than one drone flying in the airfield, worldwide media outlets said.

In a separate incident last week that raised alarms about the risk to jetliners from unmanned aerial vehicles, Grupo Aeromexico SAB is investigating whether a drone slammed into a Boeing 737 aircraft as the plane approached its destination in Tijuana, Mexico.

In their latest statement, Gatwick advised: "Please do not travel to the airport without checking with your airline first".

It is illegal to fly drones within 1 kilometer of an airfield and a police investigation was underway, Gatwick said.

It is unclear when flights will be allowed to leave or arrive at Gatwick today.

"I have 2 tiny children on board and a hotel room at Gatwick to get to", one passenger whose flight was redirected, complained to British Airways on Twitter.

Passengers have been warned to check the status of their flights with their airlines.

Flights into Gatwick Airport, south of London, were diverted to other cities across the country while passengers waiting to take off faced long delays just days ahead of Christmas, the UK's Press Association news agency reported.

Luton Airport worker Adam Webster, who said he was forced to work an extra five hours until 4am due to diverted flights, offered lifts home to affected peoples living nearby.

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