Brexit vote to go ahead on Tuesday, Europe News & Top Stories

Brexit vote to go ahead on Tuesday, Europe News & Top Stories

Brexit vote to go ahead on Tuesday, Europe News & Top Stories

Minutes later, European Union chief negotiator Michel Barnier declared there had been "decisive progress" - the key phrase signaling European Union leaders can convene a summit to approve the deal, probably later his month.

But around 100 have so far said they are opposed to the agreement, throwing the whole process into chaos with less than four months to go before Britain leaves the EU.

The shock of a no-deal Brexit would make it hard for the Bank of England to provide monetary policy support to the economy, in the form of interest rate cuts or quantitative easing, said the Chancellor.

"And, the obvious, in terms of the United Kingdom, is for it to be parliament that makes these decisions".

If the controversial deal is rejected by MPs in the House of Commons, as expected, Mrs May will face calls to resign.

"There are questions about how decisions are taken as to whether we go into the backstop, because that isn't an automatic", she said.

"But if under the current rules we can not get an election, all options must be on the table".

Industries dependent on trade with the European Union would either have to "significantly lower their costs" to offset the burden of additional frictions, look for new markets or shift capital and labour into other areas of activity, he said. "Those should include Labour's alternative and, as our conference decided in September, the option of campaigning for a public vote to break the deadlock".

Senior British cabinet ministers, including Chancellor Philip Hammond and Health Secretary Matt Hancock, are among those who are deployed to local communities to garner support for May's withdrawal agreement.

Theresa May has said that she will carry on fighting even if she loses this vote but if the defeat is the hundreds, so the majority against her position is over a hundred MPs, then her position arguably becomes untenable and there may be a vote of no confidence in her government.

However, the transition period could be extended for a maximum of two more years.

Visits were being made to schools, hospitals, workplaces and a butcher's shop in East Anglia in a bid to build support among regional audiences, with many taking place outside the gaze of the national media.

This means Mrs would need to win another vote on an amendment to delay it.

May stressed in an interview with the BBC that it would be up to Britain to decide whether to trigger the backstop and that one way to ease the concerns of lawmakers would be to let Parliament make this decision. "The legally binding global Withdrawal Treaty would remain fundamentally flawed as evidenced by the Attorney General's legal advice".

Legal advice from Attorney General Geoffrey Cox has shown that the backstop arrangements in the Withdrawal Agreement would potentially last "indefinitely".

Ministers admit the deal struck with Brussels last month is not flawless but say it is the only option for an orderly Brexit after four decades of membership.

The preparations for bringing Theresa May down in the event that the Brexit deal fails have already started, as Labor members of Parliament are looking for an opportunity in cooperation with Tories and the northern Ireland-based Democratic Unionist Party to conduct a vote against Theresa's leadership, according to The Times.

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