BORDER BREACHED: 'Frustrated' Migrants 'Breach' US-Mexico Border

BORDER BREACHED: 'Frustrated' Migrants 'Breach' US-Mexico Border

BORDER BREACHED: 'Frustrated' Migrants 'Breach' US-Mexico Border

A previous attempt by a larger group of migrants to jump over the border wall was met with tear gas, sending women and children running back to the Mexican side. Rights groups question the legality of that proclamation, which U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Ralph DeSio said was issued to deter illegal crossings.

Migrants, part of a caravan of thousands from Central America trying to reach the United States, are seen in San Diego County, U.S., after crossing illegally from Mexico to the jumping a border fence, photographed through the border wall in Tijuana, Mexico, December 3, 2018. After two adult family members were helped over the wall from the Mexican side by another migrant, the children-ages 2, 7 and 10-were dropped to be caught below.

But along the border inland as darkness descended, more and more migrants followed, many bringing children.

With growing frustration at the length of the asylum process, migrants climb over the border fence that divides the United States and Mexico on Sunday near Las Playas de Tijuana, Mexico.

"We're just observing, waiting to see what happens", Mayeni said.

After crossing into the United States they were taken in by border patrol officers. "We'll figure out what to do in a couple of days".

But about 90 minutes later, she and her children were seen on the US side of the border, according to the report. By Saturday afternoon, most of the thousands of migrants who had been camped out at the sports complex had agreed to move to the new, more distant shelter.

Members of the Central American migrant caravan sit next to the border wall in Tijuana Mexico 05 December 2018

Applying for asylum at a US land border can take months, so if migrants enter illegally and present themselves to authorities, their cases could be heard more quickly.

Scores of pregnant women travelled with the caravan through Mexico before reaching the USA border.

Media captionWhy are there so many people at U.S. border?

About 6,000 migrants were staying in an overcrowded shelter that authorities closed over the weekend, moving people instead to a former concert venue farther from the border.

Some migrants, however, were reluctant to head to their new facility.

One of the children suffered a facial injury and was treated. Mexican authorities arrested and deported those they considered responsible for compromising the city's commitment to public order.

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