Lion Air JT610 was unfit to fly, says KNKT

Lion Air JT610 was unfit to fly, says KNKT

Lion Air JT610 was unfit to fly, says KNKT

The government report suggests the airplane should have been removed from service because of earlier reports about problems.

The findings indicate that the pilots struggled to keep the plane steady as its nose tilted dangerously downward more than two dozen times, The New York Times reported. "When the transition happened, he said, 'Mama, I'm going to fly the MAX.' I said, 'How can you do that (when) you don't have (a) simulator session?' He said, 'We don't need to".

From nearly the moment it took off, "the pilots fought continuously until the end of the flight", says an official with the crash investigation.

"The problem is if multiple malfunctions occur all at once, which one should be prioritized?" Investigators found that the final yank on the control column of Flight 610 registered nearly 100 pounds of pressure, suggesting desperation in the cockpit in the cockpit as the plane plummeted.

Investigators did not definitively say what they believe caused the aircraft to crash, with a crash report expected next year.

Indonesia's transport safety committee, known as KNKT, used preliminary data collected from the jet's "black box" flight data recorder recovered earlier this month in its report, which was presented at a Wednesday news conference.

The Boeing 737 aircraft first flew in 1967 and - with several iterations and upgrades - quickly became the mainstay of global short-haul aviation.

Investigators believe a faulty sensor on the outside of the aircraft caused the MCAS system to malfunction. In fact, before the penultimate flight, engineers had replaced one of the angle-of-attack sensors.

And the aircraft had suffered from a similar problem on a flight from Bali to Jakarta the day before-a flight that was completed safely after the pilot shut down the 737 MAX's automatic anti-stall system.

Pilots experienced several problems with the aircraft in the days leading up to the October 29 crash, investigators said - including a faulty airspeed sensor, altitude indicators and angle-of-attack sensors that should have grounded the plane.

Indonesia Lion Air Crash
Members of the National Transportation Safety Committee lift a box containing the flight data recorder

Authorities were due to release the findings on Wednesday but not to draw conclusions from the data they present.

In their safety recommendations, investigators also highlight (referring to the CASR Part 91.7 Civil Aircraft Airworthiness and the Operation Manual part A subchapter 1.4.2) that "the Pilot in Command is directly and specifically responsible for, and is the final authority as to, the operation of the aircraft".

The aircraft maintenance log shows that since Oct 26, there had been six reports of problems, including faulty sensor readings.

The report unveiled fresh details of efforts by pilots to steady the jet as they reported a "flight control problem", including the captain's last words to air traffic control asking to be cleared to "five thou" or 5,000 feet.

Lemme said he was troubled that there weren't easy checks to see if sensor information was correct, that the crew of the fatal flight apparently wasn't warned about the problems on previous flights and that the Lion Air jet wasn't fully repaired after those flights.

"This is a situation where they're flying the plane manually, they don't expect this kind of motion, so that definitely threw them off", he said. "Every accident is a combination of events, so there is disappointment all around here", he said.

The company is working with the US National Transport Safety Board as a technical adviser in its investigation, Boeing said, adding that customers "have our assurance that the 737 Max is as safe as any aeroplane that has ever flown the skies".

The airline, which also operates Batik Air and Wings Air, has a dubious safety record, though, and has had more accidents than other airlines in the country.

Pilots at American Airlines and Southwest Airlines complained this month that they had not been given all information about the new system on the MAX.

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