Twitter reacts to UCF jumping Ohio State in latest CFP rankings

Twitter reacts to UCF jumping Ohio State in latest CFP rankings

Twitter reacts to UCF jumping Ohio State in latest CFP rankings

No. 1 Alabama, No. 2 Clemson, No. 3 Notre Dame and No. 4 MI all maintained their spots in the rankings. That will likely change Tuesday in the committee's fifth of six rankings, as Ohio State's 62-39 home win over rival MI on Saturday should knock the Wolverines out of the fourth spot, opening the door for No. 5 Georgia to move up. But these games are also the most exciting and meaningful games of the season to the players, coaches and fan bases, as rivalry games bring out the greatest emotions, energy and effort. Or maybe both will be left out.

The remaining rankings speak to how highly the committee regards the SEC among all other conferences, as three-and-four-loss teams like Florida and Mississippi State find themselves in the top-20, somehow. While the Knights still have no real shot at making the four-team playoff given the number of teams ahead of them, simply moving ahead of Ohio State is a big step for those who believe that UCF has been disrespected compared to brand-name programs like Ohio State.

Penn State football checked in at the No. 12 spot in this week's College Football Playoff top 25 poll. That gave West Virginia a second loss in conference play and helped put Texas back in control of its own destiny again for the Big 12 championship.

Until Saturday, there wasn't much if any comparison between Ohio State and Oklahoma.

David Pollack explains why UCF is finally getting credit as it jumps over Ohio State in the top 10 and how Washington State can climb the rankings. Those two teams play Friday night in Morgantown. The Sooners have given up at least 40 points in their last three outings - all wins.

Beat Michigan and Northwestern to finish 12-1 and Big Ten champs: Only in if Oklahoma doesn't finish 12-1 and/or Georgia doesn't win the SEC while Alabama only ends up with one loss.

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