Chinese shopping websites boycott Dolce & Gabbana, Fashion News & Top Stories

Chinese shopping websites boycott Dolce & Gabbana, Fashion News & Top Stories

Chinese shopping websites boycott Dolce & Gabbana, Fashion News & Top Stories

A major fashion show in Shanghai was cancelled, e-commerce platforms like Alibaba and took down numerous company's pages, and fashionistas around the world were appalled.

Searches for Dolce & Gabbana turned up no items Thursday on major online retailers such as Alibaba's Tmall and while pages that previously linked to the brand's products were unavailable.

It erupted into a firestorm after screenshots circulated of an Instagram user's chat with the famously volatile Stefano Gabbana in which he used five smiling poop emojis to talk about China and launched insults at the country and its people.

Chinese social media users were unconvinced by the latest apology, with the video garnering over 100,000 comments some three hours after it was posted.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana released the video on Facebook, apologising for the ad which resulted in the cancellation of the brand's show in China on Wednesday. As demand for acquisition opportunities among both fashion conglomerates and private equity funds has pushed luxury valuations skyward, Gabbana and Dolce have consistently said they'd never consider selling. Chinese A-list celebrities invited to the show, including Zhang Ziyi, Chen Kun, Li Bingbing and Wang Junkai, had all withdrawn from the event before D&G had even announced the cancelation.

Despite the hacking claims, reports The Guardian, D&G merchandise quickly vanished from numerous Chinese retail websites as the backlash grew stronger.

"So if you, as a western brand, do anything that looks like you are mocking or making fun of Chinese culture, that's a big no-no", he said.

The Communist Party Youth League, the youth wing of the ruling Chinese Communist Party, said on Weibo "we welcome foreign companies to invest and develop in China. companies working in the country should respect China and Chinese people". Meanwhile, the United States declaring trade wars against China did not sit well to the Communist Party. Many in China called them racist and full of outdated stereotypes.

Guests then began withdrawing their attendance from the show and online onlookers let it be known they were unpleased with Dolce & Gabbana for Stefano Gabbana's insensitive remarks.

Dolce&Gabbana has 44 boutiques in China, including four in Shanghai, having entered the Chinese market in Hangzhou in 2005.

It added that Dolce & Gabbana had only been represented at the department store and not at the group's Joyce boutiques.

Referring to the cancelled show, he said many models, manufacturers and publicists from around the world worked hard on it but it was now a "wasted effort".

"We have nothing but respect for China and the people of China", the apology message read.

The pictures were criticised for stereotyping Chinese history by showing old parts of the city, rather than more modern depictions of Beijing.

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