Amazon in 'advanced talks' to pick Northern Virginia for second headquarters

Amazon in 'advanced talks' to pick Northern Virginia for second headquarters

Amazon in 'advanced talks' to pick Northern Virginia for second headquarters

The retail giant announced previous year that it was looking to open a second headquarters somewhere in the U.S., a move that could bring with it as many as 50,000 new jobs.

Officials in Crystal City probably shouldn't schedule a victory parade just yet.

Shortly after the Post published its story, Mike Grella, Amazon's economic development director, addressed the "genius leaking info" about the plans in a tweet.

The high-stakes battle surrounding which of 20 metropolitan areas Amazon will choose for its second headquarters hit another plot twist over the weekend. Some of the frontrunners are allegedly between a location in Crystal City, Northern Virginia, or potentially a location close to Austin, Texas. It's unclear whether Amazon is having similar discussions with other finalists. Company founder and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos already had several connections to the Washington area.

After months of speculation into where the $800 billion Amazon will open its second headquarters, there appears to be a front-runner.

According to the report "people close to the process" said that Amazon is in discussions about relocating employees to the area, potential office buildings it could occupy, and how to make its announcement to the public. Amazon declined to comment on his remarks.

The $800 billion company is in advanced talks with Crystal City, a Northern Virginia town just outside of Washington, D.C., The Washington Post reported Saturday. The Post added that a top real estate developer in the area, JBG Smith, has pulled some of its buildings off the leasing market, and that local officials have discussed how to make a public announcement on Amazon's selection, sometime later this month.

Amazon is expected to make its decision before the end of the year.

In its 190-page bid submitted to Amazon in October Toronto offered up 10 locations across the region that it said would be suitable for the company's second headquarters, including a site in the Port Lands.

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