Dozens of Yemeni rebels killed in Red Sea port city

Dozens of Yemeni rebels killed in Red Sea port city

Dozens of Yemeni rebels killed in Red Sea port city

"30,000 children in Yemen die every single year of malnutrition as one of the most important underlying causes".

"While the warring parties discuss the terms of this peace, we urge them to immediately stop the fighting so more lives aren't lost", Save the Children said in a statement and called for full access for aid and commercial imports. "Today not more than 40 percent of the children throughout Yemen are being vaccinated", he said.

"The situation is dire and we don't know what our fate will be", he said.

"He called on Yemeni parties to engage in good faith negotiations, without preconditions, with United Nations special envoy Martin Griffiths to reach a negotiated political settlement".

The bloodshed comes despite growing worldwide pressure to end a years-long conflict that has left thousands dead.

In particular fighting has brokenout in regions surrounding the largest hospital in the port city of Hodeidah, which has made it hard to access those most in need, including children. According to the world body, Yemen is suffering from the most severe starvation in more than 100 years.

Despite a high-profile modernisation drive aimed at improving Saudi Arabia's image and attracting foreign investment, rights groups have detailed a crackdown on activists, increase in executions and discrimination against the Shiite minority.

Yet since then, fifty-three Huthi rebels have been killed and dozens wounded in battles and air strikes over the past 24 hours in Hodeida, according to medical sources in the port city, which is a key gateway for humanitarian aid.

Clashes intensified in the city and centred around its university on Saturday and Sunday morning, a pro-government military official said.

Saudi Arabia is leading an Arab military coalition that intervened in Yemen in March 2015 to support the government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi after the Houthi rebels forced him into exile.

Loyalist forces lost 13 men, other medical sources said in Aden and Mokha, government-controlled cities where dead bodies were transported.

Yemen's government said on Thursday it was ready to re-start peace talks with Houthi rebels.

The coalition, supported by the United States, is also resolute to crush the movement as another goal in its war on Yemen, which is teetering on the edge of starvation.

Hodeida port is the entry point for more than 70 per cent of imports into the impoverished country, which is teetering on the edge of starvation.

Airstrikes and naval artillery pounded rebel positions around the Red Sea coastal city, where government backed-troops are launching a major ground assault in an attempt to wrest it from dug-in rebels.

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