New ‘Super Smash Bros

New ‘Super Smash Bros

New ‘Super Smash Bros

The remaining roster additions will be revealed here, as well as other game mode details.

A new trailer for "Super Smash Bros". Incineroar's attacks focus on a lot of wrestling type moves, due to its nature as a fighting type Pokemon.

Yep, a Twitter user by the name of Benjamilgo has suggested a Fortnite reference in Super Smash Bros.

There's still hope for some fan favourites to appear in the game though as Nintendo announced that they will shortly begin work on new (i.e. not echo fighters) characters to be released as paid-for DLC.

Ken of the Street Fighter games and Icineroar of Pokémon will "fight fire with fire" in the new release. People were anxious that Ultimate was "just a port" but this is looking like the biggest Smash game yet by a huge margin: and I'm not even factoring the roster in at this point. What did you make of what we were shown?

Alternatively, you can buy the Fighters Pass for £22.49 now and get an exclusive Mii Fighter costume of Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

The rumours about the latest Nintendo Direct all turned out to be false, but there's plenty of new info on the Switch's big Christmas game. It is a fighter, can spit poison and will be made available post-launch. None of these will be Echo Fighters. The presentation also touched upon more Assist Trophies. Each piece of DLC will come with a song, character, and stage for $5.99. Ultimate's DLC plan is and if we can expect that roster to grow.

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