The Best New Features In iOS 12.1

The Best New Features In iOS 12.1

The Best New Features In iOS 12.1

As always, you can find the iOS update by going to Settings followed by General and then selecting Software Update.

Officially unveiled yesterday, Apple's iOS 12.1 update is rolling out already to compatible iPhone and iPad devices. Speaking of the camera, the update to iOS 12.1 also includes a fix for a bug many refer to as Beautygate, which was resulting in overly smoothed selfies taken with the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Users can now adjust the depth of field while they're framing the shot in addition to post-capture adjustments. Apple Launches 2018 iPad Pro, New MacBook Air & 2018 Mac Mini Range: Check Prices & Specifications.

With iOS 12 Apple insisted all its devices would be treated to a noticeable speed boost. Among the most annoying bugs that will probably be crushed by iOS 12.1 is the "beauty-gate" issue. Apple is making it possible to video chat with up to 32 people at once through this new feature. There are also additional enhancements built into FaceTime with the new update like automatic detection of active speakers which, ringless notification and messages integration.

In addition to Group FaceTime, the user guide also notes dual-SIM functionality for iPhone "XR", "XS" and "XS Max" will go live when the iOS point update sees release. The size of the person's image then changes depending on how active they are being on the call. The participants who are not active appears at the bottom of the screen until they speak.

iOS 12.1 will also bring new artist pages, a daily playlist of the top 100 songs around the world, and the ability to search by lyrics to Apple Music.

This includes Group FaceTime, over 70 new emoji, and support for dual SIM with eSIM for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

Plus there are new emoji for animals like a raccoon, a llama, a kangaroo, a mosquito, a lobster and a swan.

With the eSIM option, users will not need to put in a physical SIM card to access a cellular network.

Additionally, one can start a group Facetime call directly from messages app. Apple also noted that all Facetime calls are protected by end-to-end encryption. But this is not the dual SIM support that we're used to here in Malaysia.

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