Voting starts in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar amid tight security

Voting starts in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar amid tight security

Voting starts in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar amid tight security

Four IEC employees and two police were wounded, he said.

Hottak said the auto bomb detonated in the provincial capital of Maidan Shahr as two busloads of mechanics arrived at the gate to begin their day's work.

Washington's top commander in Afghanistan General Scott Miller had earlier escaped unhurt in an attacked by the Taliban.

In view of the challenging security environment in which the elections took place, the United Nations commends the many Afghans for their participation and recognizes the expectations citizens now have that the electoral authorities will ensure that their votes are counted and that any fraudulent ballots will be weeded out. US Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Smiley was wounded in the assault.

Voting in the region was pushed back due to a Taliban attack on the eve of the elections, killing provincial police chief Gen. Abdul Raziq, intelligence chief Mumin Hussainkhil, and a journalist. Yet millions of Afghans have defied Taliban threats and waited, often for hours, to cast their votes.

"Only 10 percent of our polling station was not active at 7am due to security measures in the city because the staff at some stations arrived late", said Nimatullah Wardak head of the IEC regional office.

Major roads throughout southern Kandahar were closed almost 24 hours before polls opened to stop vehicle-born explosive devices from entering the province, said provincial governor's spokesman Aziz Ahmed Azizi.

President Ashraf Ghani's government named Razeq's brother as his successor after his supporters threatened to block the Kandahar vote.

On October 23, Taliban forces abducted 20 Afghans in Farah Province because of participating in the country's parliamentary elections and killed two of them.

This year's elections have become the first parliamentary election in Afghanistan since 2010.

"There were problems with the voter's registration lists, some (sections of the) alphabet were missing and people were disappointed and left the process without casting their votes", Rohullah a resident of Kandahar said.

Preliminary results of nationwide voting are not expected before mid-November.

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