Trump says climate change not a "hoax" but questions if it's "manmade"

Trump says climate change not a

Trump says climate change not a "hoax" but questions if it's "manmade"

"I think something's happening".

"We can not risk a temperature rise of more than 1.5 degrees, it is a matter of intergenerational equity, which is one of the arguments that ACA will be using in its Land and Environment Court case to stop the coal mine". That is sort of progress, right? I think there's probably a difference. "But I don't know that it's man-made", Trump said.

"Other nations - as an example, China - not that I wish this, but they're down many trillions of dollars". I do not want to lose millions and millions of jobs'.

Climate change will not reverse itself.

Britain's Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry has asked the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) to examine whether the target should be reviewed and if the country should set a date to meet net zero emissions. But it could very well go back. "We all share this one fragile planet together and so need to act in solidarity with the poorest and most vulnerable, those who will be impacted the most if we fail to act".

Mr Trump, who was scheduled to visit areas of Georgia and Florida damaged by Hurricane Michael yesterday, also expressed doubt over scientists' findings linking the changing climate to more powerful hurricanes.

Host Leslie Stahl and Trump then went back and forth, arguing about how much more destructive hurricanes have become, which the Donald denied. I will say this. As far as the climate "changing back", temperature records show that the world hasn't had a cooler-than-average year since 1976 or a cooler-than-normal month since the end of 1985.

One of the specific statistics in the report theorized that by 2040, greenhouse gas emissions will raise the temperature of the atmosphere by 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit (1.5 degrees Celsius) above pre-industrial levels.

The report highlights a number of climate change impacts that could be avoided by limiting global warming to 1.5°C compared to 2°C or more.For instance, by 2100, global sea level rise would be 10 cm lower with global warming of 1.5°C compared with 2°C.

In order to combat climate change, the world community has adopted diverse measures such as the Paris Pact on climate change.

President Trump's views on climate change have swung widely - like his comments on many issues.

"Unfortunately, when the president says something, or when any leader says something, it has the potential to spark it being a new talking point", said Susan Joy Hassol, director of the science outreach nonprofit group Climate Communication and a senior science writer on the National Climate Assessment. The Paris Agreement was commissioned by the United Nations to figure out the significant ways climate change could impact not only their countries but the rest of the planet as well.

But members have talked to some people who dismissed the objective with eyerolls or laughter, McHugh-Grifa says.

Trump's responses come across like the product of excellent briefing but, more significantly, of a nimble mind which understands nearly better than his opponents how the left rolls - and consequently how to avoid being caught in their ineptly laid traps.

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