Melania Trump Wears Colonial Hat During Her Tour in Kenya

Melania Trump Wears Colonial Hat During Her Tour in Kenya

Melania Trump Wears Colonial Hat During Her Tour in Kenya

When asked if she ever tells the president to put away his phone, Trump quickly replied, "Yes!" Photo credit: seattletimes.comMelania Trump stepping back after being nudged by a baby elephant at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya.

One insider also told Hollywood Life that 'Melania is sick to death of people focusing on what she is wearing constantly and criticizing every detail.

Ms Trump was also shown a pile of ashes from the burning of elephant ivory, which is aimed at deterring rampant poaching of the animals.

This trip marks Trump's first visit to Africa, as Time reports. She then moved to the presidential palace where she met with Mr. Sissi.

Her fashion choice is likely a carry-on of this outdated understanding of the continent.

While Melania is usually by her husband's side on political visits, she bowed out of a few trips this year.

Twitter had a field day with the first lady's look in Egypt.

First lady Melania Trump visits the historical site of the Giza Pyramids in Giza, near Cairo, Egypt. And to Lilongwe in Malawi, where she visited a primary school on Thursday, Ms Trump has been welcomed by slogans anti-Trump.

"This is a first lady that no matter what she does - it's sort of 'damned if I do, damned it I don't, '" CNN's Kate Bennett, who traveled to Africa with the first lady, told Inside Edition.

With that in mind, it wouldn't hurt if she stopped thinking she was the one mistreated by the people and actually made an effort to dress appropriately from time to time as to avoid such scandals. "I feel I've seen that look somewhere before", another tweeted.

In a rare speech in front of the press Saturday in Egypt, Ms. Trump has said that the objective of his trip was to "show the world" that the United States will help african countries.

Washington has been gripped by high drama for days, from the testimony of Dr Christine Blasey Ford - who accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault - to protests against his nomination and an FBI investigation into the allegations surrounding the judge.

It is unknown if Melania will join Donald, after completing her first solo tour without him by her side.

That she threw on the helmet in Kenya, the birthplace of former President Barack Obama's father - in the past, Melania has helped advance the racist lie that Obama was not an American citizen - added more fuel to the fire.

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