Kavanaugh's Freshman Roommate James Roche Says Kavanaugh Lied

Kavanaugh's Freshman Roommate James Roche Says Kavanaugh Lied

Kavanaugh's Freshman Roommate James Roche Says Kavanaugh Lied

Kavanaugh has vehemently denied the misconduct allegations against him.

"I can unequivocally say that in denying the possibility that he ever blacked out from drinking, and in downplaying the degree and frequency of his drinking, Brett has not told the truth", North Carolina State University professor Chad Ludington said, AFP reported.

Roche had previously issued a statement ahead of the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing in which he expressed support for Deborah Ramirez, one of the accusers, and said he remembered Kavanaugh "frequently drinking excessively and becoming incoherently drunk".

Roche, and others, say this is not true.

"An FBI supplemental background investigation that did not include an interview of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford - nor the witnesses who corroborate her testimony - can not be called an investigation", the lawyers said.

The White House announced in the middle of the night on Thursday that it had sent the results of the FBI's supplemental background investigation of Kavanaugh to the Senate. Ramirez went public with allegations that while in his first year at Yale University, Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh placed his penis in front of her and caused her to involuntarily touch it during a drunken dormitory party. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., who pushed to delay the vote on Kavanaugh so the FBI could investigate, said the judge would not be confirmed if the probe revealed he had lied to senators.

"We were in a room together - our beds were 10 feet apart for a couple of months", Roche told Cooper. I am willing to speak with them about my experiences at Yale with both Debbie and Brett.

Kavanaugh blasted the allegation and flatly disputed Roche's characterization in a phone interview with Senate investigators last week, speaking under penalty of perjury.

Kavanaugh would be "incoherent, stumbling" when he came back to their shared room, Roche said.

"In Brett's cases, if he is innocent, he should be cleared", Roche writes in the Slate op-ed.

The Senate will vote to confirm Kavanaugh Saturday afternoon.

"I felt it was my civic duty to tell of my experience while drinking with Brett, and I offer my statement to the press", he added, before telling reporters that he has already been in communication with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "I knew that he knew that he wasn't telling the truth".

Feeding the anxiety was an unusually beefy presence of the U.S. Capitol Police, who were keeping demonstrators and frequently reporters at arms length by forming wedges around lawmakers walking through corridors.

'There is no chance in the world that they're going to scare us out of doing our duty, ' he said.

But Maine's Susan Collins says she wants to read the report for herself.

Murkowski, from Alaska, called the remarks were 'wholly inappropriate and in my view unacceptable, ' while Arizona's Flake, said they were 'kind of appalling'.

Trump for his part continued to express confidence that the nomination will be confirmed.

A number of Kavanaugh's detractors have accused the judge of lying about the term. Something very big is happening. The country is with him all the way!'

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