We fell in love, says Trump on bromance with Kim

We fell in love, says Trump on bromance with Kim

We fell in love, says Trump on bromance with Kim

The paper urged the USA to "read the trend correctly and make the right choices", instead of ratcheting up sanctions on North Korea while trying to engage the country in talks. Both stated that sanctions will remain in place until North Korea denuclearizes. "But the problem is that the continued sanctions are deepening our mistrust", Ri said.

Ri says it's a "pipe dream" that continued sanctions and U.S. objection to a declaration ending the Korean War will ever bring the North to its knees.

He said the U.S. is instead maintaining sanctions to keep up the pressure on the regime.

The US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, seems to be on the verge of restarting deadlocked nuclear diplomacy more than three months after the Singapore meeting.

Mr Trump joked about the criticism he would receive following his positive comments about the North Korean dictator, saying some would consider it "unpresidential".

China and Russian Federation argued that the UN Security Council should reward Pyongyang for steps taken.

Sceptics of Kim's motivations worry that the U.S. might withdraw troops from South Korea and that United Nations sanctions could be lifted if the war is declared over.

Last year, the Security Council unanimously adopted multiple sanctions resolutions in response to North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile tests to choke off sources of revenue for the regime.

In August President Trump accused North Korea's ally China of undermining progress on denuclearisation because of its trade dispute with the US.

Ri noted that North Korea had taken "significant good-will measures such as stopping nuclear and ICBM tests, dismantling the nuclear test site in a transparent manner and affirming not to transfer nuclear weapons and nuclear technology under any circumstances".

Earlier this month, the leaders of the two countries met in Pyongyang for talks that centred on the stalled denuclearisation negotiations.

Pompeo has visited North Korea three times already this year, but his last trip did not go well. "But make no mistake about it, there is real progress being made".

Known for its loyalty and cleverness, the Pungsan breed - a hunting dog with thick, creamy white coat, pointy ears and hazel eyes - is one of the National Treasures of North Korea.

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