New NAFTA deal not guaranteed - Canada PM Trudeau

New NAFTA deal not guaranteed - Canada PM Trudeau

New NAFTA deal not guaranteed - Canada PM Trudeau

Main goal of the agreement is to eliminate barriers to trade and investment. He's also threatening to place tariffs on cars imported from Canada as trade talks between the two neighbors drag on. "But it will probably or possibly be just USM", he said suggesting it will likely only include the US and Mexico.

Since then, the negotiations between the United States and Canada to include Ottawa in this agreement modernized version are struggling to succeed.

Trudeau downplayed this exchange, saying that he didn't think there was "anything to read into it".

Trump made the remarks during a news conference in NY on Wednesday when he was asked if he had, in fact, snubbed Trudeau. He said he'd call it the "United States-Mexico Trade Agreement".

The US President said as bilateral North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) talks are going poorly and the United States is unhappy with Canada's negotiators.

The White House now plans to submit a new proposed trade agreement between the US and Mexico for Congress to begin reviewing as soon as this week.

Canada is the United States's largest trading partner, but Trump has accused Canadians of ripping off American workers off for years, largely because of complaints he has heard from dairy farmers in Wisconsin and NY.

It's a significant shift by Tokyo which has been a strong advocate of a multination trans-Pacific trade pact that Trump withdrew from soon after taking office.

I'm doubtful on that because Lopez Obrador has clearly given the current negotiators some instructions but it's something to think about. Together, Mexico and Canada account for slightly more than a third of US exports.

Relations between the Canadian and United States leaders have been chilly since June, when Trump left a G7 summit in Canada and then accused Trudeau of being dishonest and weak.

"There is still a fair amount of distance between us", U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said of Canada at a conference in NY.

"His tariffs are too high and he doesn't seem to want to move and I've told him forget about it", Trump said of Trudeau. "I have so many friends ... but that has nothing to do with this".

"We're going to go ahead with Mexico", he said. "I think Canada would like to be in the agreement, I think the USA would like them in the agreement", he said.

Canadian leaders have objected to Trump's decision to impose tariffs on Canadian steel, citing national security.

Auto tariffs in particular "would change the whole relationship for a long time come", he added. The president-elect - who has little enthusiasm for foreign relations - wanted to avoid the headache of navigating a complex trade negotiation left over from a previous presidency, said three senior officials with the incoming administration.

Freeland said that the updated deadline for an agreement will be when a "good deal" for Canada has been reached. "They know exactly what it is that we are prepared to do and what we need", he said. "We are looking for the right deal".

While the talks have been "challenging", the ball is on the US side of the court, MacNaughton said at an event in Toronto hosted by the USA website Politico.

A Trump administration official said the text of the agreement with Mexico was set to be published Friday.

"Videgaray has had the most access to the White House of any Mexican foreign minister in years", he said.

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