New Oculus Quest wireless VR headset ships in spring for US$399

New Oculus Quest wireless VR headset ships in spring for US$399

New Oculus Quest wireless VR headset ships in spring for US$399

Zuckerberg said the Oculus Quest will launch next spring with 50-plus titles-included a Star Wars-related game that focuses on Darth Vader-and offer "Rift-quality experiences". Sure they give you VR, and you can watch movies and maybe play some games, but the graphics are practically N64 quality and you're constantly mindful of the fact that you have little more than a fancy phone strapped a few centimetres from your eyeballs. It is the first device from Oculus to marry a wireless design, virtual hand controllers and full positional tracking, which is considered to be the sweet spot to appeal to consumers still sitting on the fence when it comes to buying into the VR experience. We also unveiled Oculus Insight, our breakthrough technology that powers inside-out tracking, Guardian, and Touch controller tracking. The firm describes the Oculus Quest as its "first all-in-one VR gaming system", and one which will "usher in the next era of VR gaming".

Oculus is moving swiftly along with the development of its virtual reality (VR) headsets. You won't notice any massive headphones here, however, as Move includes an integrated audio solution for spatial sound. With that said, we do know that the Quest will feature a new display that is capable of displaying a resolution of 1600x1440 per eye, which is considerably higher than the Go's resolution of 1280x1440 per eye.

Oculus announced the new Oculus Quest today, promising to bring the capabilities of the Oculus Rift together with the freedom and ease-of-use of the Oculus Go.

The headset from Facebook's Oculus division will be a stand-alone device that won't require a smartphone or a connection to a personal computer to create artificial worlds.

Think of it as a step up from the Oculus Go.

The Quest has some improvements over the Go, including better position tracking through four wide-angle cameras. This should mean, once hardware requirements have been factored in, most Oculus Rift games make the jump over to Oculus Quest.

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