Republicans cannot let Democrats win on Brett Kavanaugh

Republicans cannot let Democrats win on Brett Kavanaugh

Republicans cannot let Democrats win on Brett Kavanaugh

The lawyer for the second woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct tweeted a message of support for Christine Blasey Ford on Thursday, as the California professor prepared for her highly anticipated testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

She said that Kavanaugh's declaration of "innocence" and lack of sexual inactivity in high school on Fox News is a lie.

Ford has said Judge was in the room when Kavanaugh assaulted her in high school, a charge Judge has denied and said he has no recollection of.

George Hartmann, a spokesman for Republicans on the Judiciary Committee, said the hearing is still going forward Thursday as scheduled.

"I believed he was going to rape me". He has denied all the allegations.

She wrote she witnessed Kavanaugh "engage in abusive and physically aggressive behavior toward girls, including pressing girls against him without their consent, grinding against girls and attempting to remove or shift girls' clothing to expose private body parts".

Trump said he would watch Thursday's potentially explosive Senate hearing and that he could still change his mind about his nominee once he hears what Ford has to say.

The hearing kicks off at 10 AM ET and Ford is first up. I couldn't see who pushed me. "My responsibility is to tell the truth", she added, adding that she was "terrified" to testify but that she considered it her "civic duty" to relate the details of the incident.

Rather than questioning the two witnesses themselves, senators can yield the five minutes they're each allotted to an independent counsel, Rachel Mitchell, a career prosecutor experienced in handling sex crimes who was enlisted by the committee's Republicans.

Comparing the hearing to the Clarence Thomas hearings in 1991, Feinstein said that this time as well "our colleagues on the other side of the aisle have made it clear that no matter what happens today, the Senate will plow right through and elevate Kavanaugh".

She alleged Kavanaugh and Judge were "drunkenly laughing during the attack", which she maintained "has drastically altered" her life.

She said she was 15 when she attended a party where she encountered Kavanaugh, who was 17 at the time. "And I believe that's why they should take the time necessary to fully contemplate that".

Swetnick alleges that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh engaged in sexual misconduct at high school parties. She said she managed to flee to the bathroom when Judge jumped on her and Kavanaugh, knocking them off the bed. In fact, President Donald Trump himself intervened in the whole situation claiming that Ford should have launched her accusations before.

In what appears to be an airport terminal, Heilemann asked of what caused Ms. Swetnick to come forward to make herself public, just one day before hearings of another accuser, Dr. Christine Ford. Despite Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's forecast that Republicans will win, Mr Kavanaugh's fate remains uncertain in a chamber where Republicans have a scant 51-49 majority.

Another woman, Deborah Ramirez, has since told USA media that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a college party in the 1980s.

Eleven days ago, Dr. Ford publicly accused me of committing a serious wrong more than 36 years ago when we were both in high school. Avenatti also represents Stephanie Clifford, the adult film star known as Stormy Daniels who says she had an affair with Trump before he was elected president.

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