Google Feed goes through a revamp, renamed to Discover

Google Feed goes through a revamp, renamed to Discover

Google Feed goes through a revamp, renamed to Discover

Google has also announced Google Lens, a visual search tool.

The doodle is just one of the ways that Google is celebrating the occasion, which marks two decades of dominance in the search business. Make it more intuitive. And the company is incorporating Google Lens into Google Images, so clicking on the lens icon in Google Images yields a plethora of related images and content. The duration of the video is 1:37 and the video ends with an global thank you from Google in different languages including English, Hindi Spanish and lot more. At the top of each card are now topic headers, giving you a better picture of what topic those articles fall under. You can also create your own collections. "We then look at patterns to understand how these subtopics relate to each other, so we can more intelligently surface the type of content you might want to explore next". On everything posted in Discover, you'll see a toggle that lets you choose to see more or less of any given topic.

Discover brings with it a new design to the card UI. It has been mentioned that these new features will be reaching end users over the next few months so it may not be there on your devices yet.

Ben Gomes, VP of search, lead off the event with a brief historical overview of Google's mission and approach to organizing information.

'Enhancing Topics' is an update by Google to give extra information about the content you search.

Google is also adding what it's calling a "topic layer" to the knowledge graph. Besides this, Google Images will also get updated today.

Google introduces new 'Discover' feature as Search turns 20

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Artificial intelligence (AI) takes care of most of the features for Google if, not of all of them. There will be tags that show products, and other kinds of images, like stock images and do-it-yourself tutorials, so you'll be able find the sort of thing you're looking for faster. The cards only show up when they're relevant, so it won't clutter your searches. This makes it easy to revisit past searches and the websites you visited along the way. Suggestions pop up in Collections too, so you can dive deeper.

The Images overhaul includes carousels of online video clip highlights displayed with mobile search query results.

As part of the announcements, Google also revealed new features to help users carry out what it called longer "journeys" in search, enabling them to retrace search steps through new activity cards visible only to them, which allow them to quickly return to recent searches.

The last date for the submission of the theme based Doodle is October 6 till 10:00pm Indian Standard Time (IST).

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